Zainab Ansari killing: Pakistan protests turn violent in Pakistan

Zainab Ansari killing: Pakistan protests turn violent in Pakistan
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ISLAMABAD: Devastated parents of eight-year-old Zainab Ansari demanded justice for their innocent child, whose raped and murdered shocked the nation and sparked widespread protests across the country.

Zainab’s parents, who were on a Umrah pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, arrived here yesterday and laid their daughter’s body to rest in a graveyard.

Her father Ameen Ansari, alleged that police “didn’t do anything” in finding his daughter ‘If the police would have acted immediately, the culprit would have been caught.’

“My relatives and neighbours told me that the police used to come, have food and leave,” he told local media. “While they didn’t do anything, my friends and family spent day and night looking for my daughter,” reported The Independent.

Her mother added: ‘I have nothing to say, I just want justice for my daughter,’ reported DailyMail.

The victim was last known to have attended a Quranic studies near her house in the Road Kot area last Thursday on January 4, after which she went missing. Later, the locals spotted Zainab’s body on Tuesday from a heap of trash near the Shahbaz Khan Road.

The CCTV footage of Zainab’s rapist and killer captured clearly showing the paedophile leading away before strangulating the minor girl to death.

Clashes erupted in Pakistan’s Punjab province over police inaction after the minor’s body was found.

Two people died of gunshot injury when the protesters “armed with sticks and stones attempted to storm the deputy commissioner’s office and clashed with police”, it said, adding that two others sustained bullet injuries.

The Punjab administration said that six personnel, including four policemen and two civil defence personnel, were arrested for allegedly opening fire at the mob.

Pakistani actors Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar condemned brutal murder of the little girl.

“This. We need to start talking about sexual abuse openly. We need to include that in our school curriculums. Awareness is key. Associating abuse and rape with shame is why countless go unheard. Stop with the shame,” Mahira tweeted on Thursday morning.

“Never been so angry and disgusted in my life. Her parents had gone for Umrah (pilgrimage) when this happened. Imagined their state of mind. Justice has to be served! Justice for (the girl),” Ali Zafar tweeted.

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