Nitish grew close with Tejashwi to pressurise BJP: RJD leader

Patna: RJD vice president Shivanand Tiwari said on Thursday that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar showed close proximity with Tejashwi Yadav to put pressure on BJP and take its benefit on the issue of caste-based census.

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“Nitish Kumar achieved his goal. He wanted the BJP to agree on caste-based census. For BJP, our country has only two castes and those are rich and poor. Nitish Kumar came close to Tejashwi Yadav to force the BJP to agree on the caste-based census,” Tiwari said.

“Now, the BJP has agreed on the caste-based census but that does not mean that its heart has changed,” asserted the RJD leader.

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“The BJP is facing challenges in the 2024 Lok Sabha election and its mobilisation has already begun. Nitish Kumar cleverly used this opportunity and the Iftar parties had given an ideal platform for him. Nitish Kumar had given a strong message to BJP’s top leadership,” Tiwari said.

“The BJP knows about the joint strength of Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, which it has seen in the 2015 Assembly election. Hence, the message came from BJP’s top leadership to agree for the all-party meeting on the issue of caste-based census,” he added.

“For the last few days, people who were expecting that the government would change in Bihar may be disappointed with it,” Tiwari said.

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