Nitro Grill Chicken: Newest flavour in Hyderabad

Imran Izzatullah, who has recently started a cloud kitchen- Nitro Grill in Begumpet, Hyderabad, has come up with an exclusive new dish, Nitro Chicken, which is not just tasty but also grilled to the point that it becomes juicy, moist and flavour full.

It can be eaten just as it is, or for an extra punch of flavour, it can be eaten with the Nitro Sauce (comes complementary) or with the Nitro Cheese sauce (a blend of Nitro Sauce and cheese) for cheese lovers.

The Nitro chicken has an explosion of flavour and fire. The fire quickly vanishes into the delicious Nitro flavour that you can’t get enough of. It’s fresh, it’s juicy, it’s saucy and it’s grilled on fire to perfection!

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Why the name NitroGrill? The analogy

The experience from Nitro Grill has been compared with that of Nitrous Oxide (NOS).

NOS exhilarate already awesome cars with an extra speed boost, giving a head rush and a wow factor for the driver experiencing it. Likewise, chicken is awesome and enjoyable. But marinated in Nitro Sauce it gives the chicken an extra boost of flavour, a head rush, and a wow factor in every bite.

The chicken will be delicious and moist even minutes after it comes out of the BBQ Grill!

100 percent compostable parcel boxes made of 100% natural substance are being used for packaging. These boxes transfer no aroma into the Nitro Chicken neither do they transfer any toxins. In addition, the boxes can directly be placed into a microwave or an oven.

How to order

Order can be placed on the app. The outlet is linked up with Dunzo, Wefast, Rapido and Shadowfax to ensure timely deliveries. The delivery is possible up to 10 km from the kitchen which is located near the CM Camp office.

Once an order is placed via the order link “”, the customer has a convenient option of downloading the Nitro Grill app onto their phone. This takes a second to download and uses under 900KB of phone storage. The app does not save any personal info except location, name, and number for future deliveries.

Customers can also WhatsApp or call on – 911 2 01 02 03 to place orders.

Nitro Grill Chicken
Nitro Grill Chicken
Nitro Grill Chicken
Nitro Grill Chicken

The cloud kitchen is currently running an inaugural offer. A quarter bird costs Rs. 169/- whereas, the cost of half a bird is Rs. 329/-. The nitro sauce will be provided for free.

Nitro Cheese sauce takes the fries too to the next level.

Another dish, Saffron rice, is mild yet flavour full and enjoyable not just with the Nitro Chicken but also just by itself.

The cloud kitchen also has Coleslaw made from raw cabbage, carrot, vinegar and mayo dressing that is very enjoyable and still low on the calorie count.

Finally, the traditional Chocolate mousse, just as what it should be!

The grill of chicken from its fresh and raw state will take just 25 minutes.

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