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NRC in Hyd: If implemented, exercise may exclude 1 mn people

NRC in Hyd: If implemented, exercise may exclude 1 mn people

Hyderabad: If NRC is implemented in Hyderabad, over one million people may fail to prove their nationality. This projection is based on Census 2011 data.

Illiterate people in Hyderabad

Based on Census 2011 data, out of the total population of Hyderabad i.e., 39.4 lakh, 27 percent are illiterate. It is unlikely that illiterate people possess valid documents to prove their claims during the NRC exercise.

Based on the above assumption, IT specialist and researcher Khalid Saifullah has projected that 5.05 lakh Hindus out of 20.46 lakh and 5.02 lakh Muslims out of 17.13 lakh may get excluded from the NRC list if the exercise is implemented.

Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

He also predicted that in Telangana, 1.26 crore Hindus and 14.91 lakh Muslims may not be able to find their names in the NRC list whereas, in Andhra Pradesh, 1.79 crore Hindus and 14.05 lakh Muslims may get excluded from the list.

The researcher said that when illiterate people hardly remember their date of birth, how can they know the date of birth of their parents.

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