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Nun exposes unholy practices at holy church

The bishop is charged with raping the nun several times

Nun exposes unholy practices at holy church
In 2018, nuns staged near daily protests outside the state high court in Kerala, accusing the church hierachy of failing to take a rape case seriously (Photo: AFP)

NEW DELHI: While the rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal is the first Indian clergy to go on trial, an autobiography of Sister Lucy Kalappura exposes unholy practices of church priests.

Sr Lucy’s book ‘Karthaavinte Naamathil’ (In The Name of The Lord), being published by DC Books that comes out this week narrates her life experiences and also talks about sexual abuse, illicit relations of nuns and harassment during her convent life in Church.

In one account, she says: “There used to be a priest who taught at a college and resided near a convent. He used to have a room for himself at the convent. The priest, who used to conduct counselling on safe sexual practices, did not restrict himself to mere counselling as far as the nuns were concerned. Fed up with his “practical” sessions, one of the nuns complained to her friend. But he too was helpless. The torture ended only when he retired and left the place,” The New Indian Express reported.

“The experiences I know of, that some of my sisters have been through, are horrendous. I am aware of some convents, where young novice nuns are sent to priests for their ‘pleasure’ as a matter of practice. They were made to pose nude for the priests for hours. They wouldn’t be permitted to leave even when they plead,” writes the nun in the book.

When contacted, Sr Lucy said: “I have written about my life and the various horrific experiences that my sisters have suffered in their convents.”“We are in the final stage of publishing Sr Lucy’s autobiography. Editing and proof-reading are over. The final draft has been given to the press for printing,” said Ravi Deecee, CEO of DC Books.

The Roman Catholic bishop went on trial on Saturday.

The bishop is charged with raping the nun several times between 2014 and 2016, while head of the Missionaries of Jesus order.

The bishop was arrested in October last year and granted bail. On Saturday, the court extended his bail until the next scheduled hearing on Jan 6.

Kerala police have filed a report of more than 100 pages on the case that included statements from nuns, priests and other bishops.

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