TMREIS witnesses irregularities in appointments

Hyderabad: There were cases of irregularities on a wider scale in the department of minority affairs. Now several cases of regularities are also being reported from the Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS).

It is being said that all those who use their political connections to get employment are blackmailing their own bosses to let them have their ways else they will use social media –  especially YouTube and other platforms – to tarnish the institution.

Some sources say that the irregularities in appointments made in TMREIS and the allotment of tenders to relatives have become a well-known fact.

MS Education Academy

In most of the cases same officials are working for years and an impression is being given that the services of these officials are availed due to their honesty and dedication in discharging their duties. The reality is that these officials are kept to cover up the irregularities, the sources said.

These officials promote themselves as honest but their dishonesty is amply proved when they got the employment in the first place through irregularities.  In spite of this, the higher officials are patronizing them to promote nepotism.

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