Old city fears outbreak of diseases with heaps of garbage

Hyderabad: The city of Hyderabad is already reeling under a horrible disease. The rate of positive Covid-19 cases and deaths is increasing at an alarming rate. To make the matter worst, heaps of garbage and overflowing drainages in the city have increased the anxiety of Hyderabadis, inciting a fear of another epidemic.

The city roads are in dire conditions. Local citizens are annoyed, but helpless.

WHO guidelines neglected

GHMC’s slogan ‘our work is our identity’ proves how efficient the Corporation is. The WHO has issued guidelines to contain the coronavirus and to keep our environment clean and hygienic for our safety.

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After watching this video, you will definitely realise how the government, cooperators, local leaders and Municipality have utterly failed in ensuing the WHO’s guidelines. It will also be evident, up to what extent they are concerned about the citizens’ issues and problems.

Cleanliness and hygiene is being given utmost importance all over the world, but in Hyderabad–especially in the old city, it is neglected from many decades. The leaders have flourished — not the city. There are discussions going on about the development of the old city but the leaders and Municipality never lent their ears. Instead of boasting, if they would have done something practically for the development of the city, the surroundings and environment of Hyderabad would have been different.

Piles of garbage

The clips from of Kishenbagh division, Rajendernagar and Suleiman division are being shown in the video where you can see piles of garbage, dirty rags and stagnant water which can be a good reason for breeding mosquitos and spreading other fatal diseases.

The best advice for the Hyderabadis is to initiate self-help; cleaning the filth themselves, instead of banking on the government, local leaders and GHMC. Otherwise, this pollution will give way to any disease at any moment. Our slightest carelessness can create huge health problems, infecting children and older people.

Road from Kishenbagh to Pahadi shareef

The road from Kishenbagh to Pahadi shareef is in an awful condition. In front of tiffin centres and shops, there is an overflow of drainage water and garbage bins. The leaders are unconcerned; with fear of catching the viral infection themselves, they are neither visiting these localities nor are they solving the problems of the citizens. These poor people are not complaining or issuing any statements because of fear of being harassed.

The Siasat News has prepared this video for the awareness of the local people to keep them away from catching fatal diseases. Remarks are invited in the comment box. It is requested that the comments be within moral limits and constructive without using foul language against anybody.

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