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Onion prices up by 300 percent in Hyderabad

Onion prices up by 300 percent in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The price of onions in the markets of Hyderabad continued to soar by 300 percent, creating severe distress for the consumers.

Speaking to ANI, Shaik Naveed Ahmed, a vendor said: “People are not coming to buy onions. The sale is very less than usual due to the high price. As vendors, we are suffering a lot.”

“The stocks will get destroyed after a point as no one turns up to buy onions. Earlier, I used to sell onions for Rs 30-40 per kg, but now its Rs 120 per kg,” he added.

Price hike

Mohammed Arshad Uddin said: “Due to the price hike, it is very difficult to manage everything. Earlier, onions were sold for just Rs 20 rupees per kg, however, the vendors are not selling it for less than Rs 120 rupees per kg now.”

“The government has to take preventive measures to control this crisis because we are suffering a lot. People who are rich will not get affected by this price hike, but it is the poor people who have to bear the brunt of such situations in the state,” said Balraj.

Protests in several places

The price of onions has been on the rise in many states of the country, sparking protests in several places.

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