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Operation Muskaan: 874 children rescued by Hyderabad Police

Operation Muskaan: 874 children rescued by Hyderabad Police

Hyderabad: Operation Muskaan for tracing missing children was launched on July 1. In the month-long program, police will trace missing children and rescue child labor, children engaged in begging and so on. In Hyderabad City, 17 teams were constituted each headed by an SI.

During the month, 445 children were rescued, out of which 407 are boys and 38 are girls. While 51 boys were sent to the rescue home at Saidabad, 13 girls were sent to rescue home at Nimboliadda. The remaining 356 boys and 25 girls were handed over to their parents. Further 429 children were rescued during “Operation Smile” conducted from January 1 to January this year. In all, this year 874 children were rescued by the Hyderabad City Police.

Seven cases were registered against employers (i.e., auto mechanic, building contractor, Aquarium shop, matching center, bangle shop and chicken center) under the Child Labour Act. In 431 cases, Labour officers imposed fine of Rs.18,70,800 on the employers. Besides, seven children were rescued from begging on the streets.

Special efforts were made by the rescue teams to see that these children do not again go back to work. After counseling of parents and in coordination with other stakeholders, six SC children and three ST children out of 31 children were being admitted to residential and other schools, so as to provide them “Mukthi” from child labor. The children were provided with school uniforms, school bags, books, stationery and so on.

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