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Our Nation

Our Nation
Mathura: Migrants walk along the Delhi-Agra national highway to reach their native places, amid ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in Mathura, Monday, May 11, 2020. (PTI Photo) (PTI11-05-2020_000077B)

It’s not just my nation!
It is as much as of the migrant, as of the peace loving and the flagrant.
It takes all kinds to make this garden fragrant.

Into the warp and the weft of the social fabric different threads append.
Diverse hues and shades, sizes and shapes, into the mosaic blend.

Our nation welcomed Aryans, Arabs, Afghans and others

Our Nation welcomed the Aryans, the Arabs, the Afghans, the Turks, the Iranians, the Jews, and all gentile clans.
Everyone who made this his home, became one of us, and has added to our fame.

Pluralism was our foundation, and colours of tolerance, distinct yet together, fluttered on our flag.
We were standard-bearers of mutual respect and showcased it to the world with elan.

  • Stories of labour hanging between hunger, hope and gloom
  • Stories of labour hanging between hunger, hope and gloom

The edifice stood the test of time, despite the underlying fault lines.
It shook at times, but never did crumble.
Every tremor was met with forbearance, and the cracks cemented with care humble.

Alas, for how long can I hide the fissures that are getting increasingly manifest;
Of educated people looking askance, and in self-enforced rest;
Of stoic silence at the rumbling, with a callous lack of zest.

Proof of entitlement

Assuming their privileged position and high-birth as proof of their entitlement,
They gloss over the plight of the dispossessed unrepentant.

As long as their homes have balconies, have lamps to burn, and their utensils are not of earthenware,
They will clap, light up, clang and cheer, even if its for a fascist.
The poor, the migrant, the immigrant and the minority other:
They exist only to be used, and thrown. To be blamed for calamities and any bother.
Heedless we’ve become of the crumbling institutions and the hallowed founding principles, despite sensing the wobble and the totter.

Its time for the poor and the dispossessed to join forces, and prop up all that is dear in Our Nation.
For, if we falter, there will only be perdition!

Khalid Noor Mohammed (Linkedin)Khalid Noor Mohammed

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