Personal experiences to control severe pneumonia, flu, cold

By A.A. Habeeb Salmani

Hyderabad: Whenever I suffer from severe Pneumonia, severe Flu or Cold I control it by using 1) Pure Natural Honey, 2) Kalonji Seeds, 3) Dry figs and Milk 4) Pure, Non -Refined & Virgin Olive Oil and Milk, 5) Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) which are just the Food Items that contain excellent health benefits and healing properties:

Using pure natural honey in the following manner

First, I stop eating my regular food, tea, snacks, fruit juices, fruits or any other food items completely for one or two days and start taking honey instead of food. I eat two to three table spoonsful of honey each time in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and compulsorily before going to bed. Pure Honey has excellent healing properties to control diabetes so no tablets or insulin injections are required while being on honey and I keep checking my sugar levels which are always normal but to control Blood Pressure I take only half dose of my regular B.P tablets while I am on honey. I also keep checking my B.P from time to time, I find it to be normal in spite of reducing the medicine.

I eat the Honey in its natural form without mixing any water, lemon juice or anything else in it and have the water as much as it is required by me only after one hour of taking the Honey.

The most important thing is that the honey MUST BE PURE. If the honey is not pure then the sugar levels will rise and it will not be effective, so I collect the Honey Combs from the Jungle and personally extract the Honey to be sure of its purity. The honey combs are also available in some big supermarkets which are packed in glass jars.

Usually my severe pneumonia, severe flu or cold gets controlled just in two days. If required and if my condition allows me, I continue taking the Honey for one more day.

In case of a severe cough, I mix a pinch of freshly grinded black pepper powder into my morning dose of honey. Still if the cough continues, then I take two tea spoonsful of JOSHINA (A herbal cough & cold Syrup made by Hamdard Laboratories India) three times a day for three days.

Using Kalonji seeds

I chew and eat a small pinch of Kalonji seeds early morning soon after waking up and also at 3.00 p.m for 11 days.

From the time I start taking the Honey, I have to be in warm atmosphere for one week so I strictly stay in the room or any other place which has the temperature between 25°c to 30°c. During this period, I use warm water for drinking and also warm water to wash my face or to take a bath.

After completing the course of taking Honey, I switch on to taking normal food. I eat very soft cooked food for one day and then then from the next day onwards I take the normal food.

Using dry figs and milk

On the day, when I start eating the normal food, in the night before sleeping, I take 3 to 5 dry figs, break them into small pieces, put them in a glass tumbler and pour a cup of boiled and normally cooled fresh milk in the glass. I let the dry figs soak in the milk for the whole night and the next morning after half an hour of taking Kalonji Seeds, I chew and eat the soaked figs and drink the milk (if it is remaining in the glass). I do the same for 11 days.

Using Olive oil and milk 

On the day when I start eating normal food, I put three tea spoonsful of pure virgin olive oil in fresh boiled lukewarm milk and drink it at bed time before sleeping. I do the same for 11 days.

Usually my severe pneumonia, flu and cold gets controlled just in two to three days’ time.

Long ago, about 30 years back, I suffered from very sever Pneumonia. I went to expert doctors and tried various medicines but my condition did not improve. Then at that time I learnt about the great Ancient Indian way to control severe Pneumonia, Flu and cold by using Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) by the following method and I used it in the following manner.

Using Ajwain seeds (Carom seeds)

First, I took some Ajwain Seeds, (Carom Seeds), and half crushed them in a mixer grinder.

Then I took a normal cigarette and removed all the tobacco from it completely.

I then filled the empty cigarette with the half crushed Ajwain seeds (Carom Seeds).

After that, using a sharp knife or a scissors, I cut 50% of the cigarette butt along with its Filter in order to partially filter the smoke of the Ajwain Cigarette.

I lit this cigarette containing the half crushed Ajwain Seeds and inhaled its smoke deeply to reach it deep into my lungs, in such a way I smoked only half the cigarette and threw away the remaining half.

I did the same twice a day in the morning and in the evening for three days.

I also chewed and ate one small pinch of Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) twice a day. One time in the morning at about 11 a.m and the other time at about 6 p.m in the evening for three days.


Once, after several years when I again suffered from severe Pneumonia, I took honey, Kalonji seeds dry figs and milk, olive oil and milk as mentioned above along with the Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) also as mentioned above. I experienced excellent results.

I am sharing my experiences for the benefit of all my Indian brothers and sisters also for the mankind and in view of the loss of so many peoples’ precious lives around the Globe, to bring this knowledge of mine making way for further research by the qualified doctors and scientists around the world, if they wish to do it on their own responsibility and could eradicate deadly Viruses.

Whoever likes to do it would be doing it at their own risk and responsibility and I shall not be held responsible for any consequences or untoward incidents or accidents which may arise by their practising it and in no way, there shall be any liability of any kind on me.

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