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Police Brutality: Jamia prepare report to help future probe

Police Brutality: Jamia prepare report to help future probe

New Delhi: The Jamia Milia Islamia has submitted a fresh report to the HRD Ministry requesting a judicial inquiry into the entry of police in the university premises on 15 December.

On 20 December, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) visited the campus to inquire about the incident. After the visit, the varsity wrote a letter to the commission to investigate into the matter.

To help the future enquiries, the Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI) has formed two internal committees to collect and prepare a report on the incident of police brutality on Jamia students on 15 December.

A P Siddiqui, Jamia Registrar said, two committees would be formed to collect the data pertaining to the police brutality on students and to prepare a report, which would be presented to the committee who is probing in the matter.

As quoted by The Indian Express, Siddiqui, in the office order said:

“In view of the unfortunate incident… the matter for high-powered committee/judicial enquiry and investigation are likely to be initiated…”

It was “imminent on the part of the university” to collect “all the facts in the form of statistics, statements, electronic, and various records” as well as videos and photographs “to present the case of the university,” he added.

Explaining about the committees, he said, Committee-I comprises of 9 members and joint Registrar, Abdul Malik would serve as the convenor of the committee.

Committee-II comprises of all deans of faculties, six provosts, the chief proctor, Jamia Teachers’ Association secretary, with the dean of students’ welfare Prof. Seemi Farhat Basir as the convenor. “The Committee-II will collect all facts and submit the entire scope of the materials to the Committee-I for further analysis and presentations,” said Siddiqui in the office order.

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