Powerful dua to defeat laziness

Tonight, I want Answer with you a Question that is very Important and the Question is How one Does Defeat Laziness?

The Biggest Problem we have with our Worship is Laziness People Don’t wake up for Salatul Fajr Because of Laziness.

People Do Not Continue their Fasting After Ramadan Because of Laziness Because of its Diffuculty They Think It’s Difficult and Everything in life is like this it’s Laziness that is the Big Problem and as Technology Advances and Develops in this Life Laziness Becomes even More and More

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When you have everything on the Phone When you can do everything on the phone when you can do everything online People Become Lazy you know in the Azan When the caller makes the Azan We’re suppose to repeat After the Muezzin

 What he Says If he says Allahu Akbar-Allahu Akbar What do We suppose to Say? Allahu Akbar-Allahu Akbar When does it Change? And Hayya ‘Ala-S-Salah. Hayya ‘Ala-L-Falah When the Muezzin Says Hayya ‘Ala-S-Salah Which Means come to Salah the Muezzin is caling All of US he is saying come to Salah Hayya ‘Ala-L-Falah-Come to Success

What do we Suppose to Say? We don’t say Hayya ‘Ala-S-Salah he is calling us to Salah we don’t say Hayya ‘Ala-S-Salah we say La Hawla Wa-La Quwwata ILLA BI-LLAH

You know why? I will tell you why LA HAWLA Means I Have no Ability I Have no will He is telling you Come to Salah and you’re saying-LA I have no Ability to come to Salah LA HAWL- I have no way to come to Salah

WA-LA Quwwa- I Have no Strength and no ability to come to Saalah, what so ever ILLA BI-LLAH- Except if Allah wants to give me permission and you repeat this again when he says HAYYA ‘ALA-L-FALAH When you say ;A HAWLA WA-LA QUWWATA ILLA BI-LLAH you acknowledging you weakness the muezzin is calling you to come to salah

You’re told by Nabi (SAW) tell him no way there is no way for me to come to Salah and there is no strength for me to come to salah ILLA BI-LLAH- except if Allah was to give me the strength and ability to worship him (SWT)

The word of LA HAWLA WA-LA QUWWATA ILLA BI-LLAH is the greatest Zikr you’re going to say when you’re seeking Allah’s Help to continue in your worship and to defeat Laziness LA HAWLA WA-LA QUEEATA ILLA BI-LLAH is a zikr you’re suppose to say

When you’re feeling lazy AN-Nabi (SAW) he says that LA HAWLA WA-LA QUWWATA ILLA BI-LLAH its Door to Doors of Paradise meaning anyone who says is it will make the worship easy for him and as the result the door of Paradise opens for him When Nabi (SAW) he says in a Hadith that LA HAWLA WA-LA QUWWATA ILLA BI-LLAH is underneath the Arsh

I Ask you a Question What’s written on Top of the Arsh and pay Attention so you can learn something incredible in this What’s written on Top of the Arsh? Who Know? Allah wrote in and its a book Allah he stored it on Top of Arsh its few words.

Allah Azawajal wrote Inna Rahmati Sabaqat Ghadabi that’s on top of the Arsh It means Allah Azzawajal said My Mercy precedes My Anger that’s on top of the Arsh underneath the LA HAWLA WA-LA QUWWATA ILLA BI-LLAH what’s the relationship between the two on top of the Arsh Allah is teaching us How to deals with the servants how he deals with us

He deals with us with Mercy and compassion and under the Arsh. What’s written And under the Arsh. What’s written is how we’re suppose to deal with Allah and that is that we cannot do anything except with Allah (SWT) help, aid and Support

Defeating laziness don’t have anything to do with physical ability I will prove it to you have A 20 year old He can’t Get up for Salatul Fajr He can do anything of the worship You have a 95 year old He is praying on time He is praying on time slatul Jama’H He is fasting, He is making zikr  What was the difference?

Was is difference in body strength? No! it wasn’t It was hear (In the Heart) and it was Hear (The Mind) That’s where it was you might have two 20 year old how come on worships, one don’t worship? Because one, Allah Azzawajal give him the ability give him the strength of the heart to worship and the other wasn’t given any strength of the heart understand bottom line the idea of the lesion is to increase your heart in the understanding that you’re suppose to ask Allah (SWT) to give you aid and help in worshiping him (SWT)

This is the netire life. That’s What its all about its all about who’s going to continue to worship allah until the last day?

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