بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


When the land is not looked after properly, weeds and thorns grow in it. When the plants and trees are not watered, they loose their greenery and they look faded. Similarly when there is no rain of muhabbat (love) and shiddat (passion) of Allah ﷻ on our hearts, then the greenery of the eeman of the believer is lost and his life fades away. The spring comes in the life of a believer when there is the shower of muhabbat of Allah ﷻ on his heart. Just like when the water showers on the plants, they turn green, with flowers blossoming with fragrance emanating from them, the fragrance of muhabbat of Allah ﷻ and his life with eeman is sensed by others. When the ears cannot hear, we say it has become deficient and when tongue does not do its job of speaking, we say it has become deficient. The job of this heart is to love Allah ﷻ and when it doesn’t do its job, it gets ruined. When the house is not aabaad (populated) and when there is no light in the house, we get scared that there might be devils or saaya (adumbral). When this heart inside us is not aabaad with Allah ﷻ and there is no light of His ﷻ muhabbat, then this heart becomes barren. This heart becomes the camp of fear, we get the thorns of distress and the inner worries that tease the man and he has the ruined heart. When the land is left uncultivated, the thorns grow up by themselves without any hard work, the weeds grow up and the rubbish gets gathered. When no attention is paid to the heart and when no hard work is done on the heart to grow the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ, then it gets ruined by itself. There is no need of any hard work to grow the thorns of hatred. When this heart is formed, then the insaan is formed. When this gets ruined, the life of insaan gets ruined. The job of this heart is to love Allah ﷻ and the believer used to love Allah ﷻ. The life of a believer just cannot be beautified with the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ but it should be accompanied with the shiddat (passion).

A young man said that his sister fell in haram muhabbat with a hindu boy and she turned into a hindu. When there is shiddat in the haram muhabbat that can make people leave everything, then how cannot the shiddat in muhabbat of Allah ﷻ will not make one sacrifice everything for sake of Allah ﷻ? Today when there is shiddat in haram muhabbat, then the parents become insignificant in the eyes, the family becomes insignificant and the bond of relation breaks. Barriers like mountains move away because there is shiddat in the muhabbat. Impossible and unbelievable outcome come in front of us because the muhabbat has such strength. The man is weak but the muhabbat makes him very strong and creates strong courage in him. He gets himself to face the mountain like barriers. Aforetime, believers used to have muhabbat of Allah ﷻ and there used to be shiddat in their muhabbat of Allah ﷻ and so unbelievable determination could be seen in the life of Sahabahs . Today we see the haram muhabbat and so we see the unbelievable outcome. The son of a muslim father is becoming a ghair muslim, the daughter of a muslim father is becoming a ghair muslim. He is leaving his family, relatives, his brothers and his sisters, his culture and religion as there is shiddat in the muhabbat. This muhabbat used to be for Allah ﷻ and there was shiddat in the muhabbat and every barrier used to move away from the way of the believer.


Today one says it is difficult to carry out the command and the deficiency lies in the muhabbat. If there is shiddat in the muhabbat, even in these times of fitna, he would be the man of Allah ﷻ. He finds difficult to act on the command of Allah ﷻ because there is deficiency of shiddat in muhabbat of Allah ﷻ. When shiddat comes, even the mountain will turn into dust. Allah ﷻ gave the Sahabahs  His muhabbat and also the shiddat in the muhabbat and how was the unbelievable outcome. They are leaving their houses for the sake of Allah ﷻ. They are sacrificing their lands for Allah ﷻ. They left all their big businesses for the sake of Allah. They left their country for the sake of Allah ﷻ. They left all their brotherhood for the sake of Allah ﷻ. They tolerated their lonely life and yes they bore it for sake of Allah ﷻ. A woman brings the infant and presents him before Huzur Prophet ﷺ and says, “Take him with you for he can act as a shield against the arrows for you.” How was this unbelievable outcome? Because there was shiddat in the muhabbat. Today there is no shiddat in the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ.

Today he asks, “What is the wisdom in this command, the reason and the benefit?” These questions arise because there is no shiddat in the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ. When the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ entered the hearts of the beloved one with the shiddat, when command came to strike off the neck of the son with the sword, he didn’t ask the reason but obeyed the command. Is it easy to strike the neck of the son with the sword? It is easy to strike one’s own neck than striking the neck of the innocent son. But there was shiddat in the muhabbat and so he was prepared. When the child was just able to walk and there was muhabbat for the wife and also for the son, Allah ﷻ commanded him to leave them in such a barren place where there is no sign of living, there is no human residence, no source of water, no market, no source of living and there Allah ﷻ commanded him, “Go, leave your wife and the child in that place.” How came the unbelievable outcome? There was shiddat in the muhabbat. He sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah ﷻ. The wife asked him, “Why are you leaving us here?” The command was to remain silent and so he was silent. She asked again and he was silent. She asked again and he was silent. Then she asked, “Did Allah ﷻ command you?” Ibrahim ؑ nodded his head affirming that. The wife too was strange, she said that if you are leaving us by the command of Allah ﷻ, then He ﷻ won’t deprive us. Definitely when there is shiddat in the muhabbat and we sacrifice for sake of Allah ﷻ, then see how Allah ﷻ replaces with something better. But show something sacrificed to Allah ﷻ and leave something for sake of Allah ﷻ and then see. For surely Allah ﷻ is ash-shakur.


So five indications were pointed out that shows the shiddat in muhabbat of Allah ﷻ which are:

There will be the time of solitude in his life.
He will have the desire for the akhirat.
His heart will be always filled with gratitude.
His heart will be troubled with fear and uneasiness all the time if his deeds are accepted by Allah ﷻ or not.
He would love those who love Allah ﷻ and beloved to Allah ﷻ.
To get the love of Allah, three ways were discussed

Recitation of Quran and doing adhkaar.
To give the importance to nawaafil in abundance.
To contemplate on the blessings of Allah, that is by saying duas for different situations.
There is also a fourth way and that is to prefer the environment where people have love in their hearts and where Allah’s ﷻ tazkira (memoir) is done. And through this also comes the shiddat in the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ and progress in that.
So we get the love from those who love Allah ﷻ but the condition is we should sit with them with the niyyat of gaining love of Allah ﷻ that I have come here to gain the love of Allah ﷻ. In such a case, even when he doesn’t say anything, he will get the love of Allah ﷻ. Even by just seeing them, we might get progress in love of Allah ﷻ but the only condition is that the niyyat is correct. One niyyat is that his worldly needs get fulfilled and the other is his love for Allah ﷻ gets increased. He has come so he gets shiddat in muhabbat. I am telling the truth that Allah ﷻ will then make the person say such a thing that will be required by the on comer and it will be felt like that he has read my mind, he said just what I wished because Allah ﷻ knows everything and so He ﷻ brings those words from his mouth for which the on comer has the quest. Whatever is one in need, Allah ﷻ brings it through his tongue because the quest of the on comer is sincere and so he gets that. Yes through this, one gets the shiddat in the muhabbat of Allah ﷻ.


If there is anything acting as a barrier in the path of Allah’s ﷻ love, then that is the disobedience of Allah ﷻ. Our lives are filled with sins. But there are three sins on which if we concentrate to remove, then inshaaAllah one will be saved from other sins. Pay more attention to this and give more importance to save from these three sins.

The sin of the heart.
The sin of the tongue.
The sin of the eyes.
Saving from the sin of the heart is saving from badgumani (suspiciousness, having bad opinion of someone). Badgumani has so widely spread by the shaitan that the slave started having bad opinion about Allah ﷻ. The army of shayateen has made one to suspect even the elite group of Sahabahs  who are the base of the whole deen. His badgumani went so bad that he suspects even the aalame Rabbani and without the company of ulema, where is the deen? The wujood (existence) of deen is with the wujood of the ulema. Ulema are the inheritors of Prophets  but from just hear say, the shaitan has made him to suspect even the ulema. In fact the gheebat (backbiting) of ulema has become his best ghiza (food). It is said that the meat of ulema is very poisonous that doing their gheebat can even wipe away one’s eeman. When one is aalame Rabbani, who does not insist on minor sins, does not commit major sins and does not practice any innovation, then to suspect such a person is dangerous to eeman. Prophet ﷺ used to say, “Become an alim and if not, become a talib (student) of ilm. If that is not possible, sit in the majlis of ulema to hear their words and if that too is not possible, then love the ulema to the least but don’t join the fifth group for you will get sunk and that is to have bad opinion about them’” Don’t have rancour against them for you will get sunk. Badgumaani is the sin of the heart. Today the quarrels in our home are mainly due to this badgumaani. Having a good opinion about a muslim is a righteous deed and having bad opinion of someone is putting oneself in the problem for tomorrow Allah ﷻ will make you stand to bring the daleel (evidence) for the bad opinion. So save yourself from three sins and inshaaAllah, you will be saved from all the sins.

Save oneself from badgumaani-the sin of the heart
Don’t do gheebat-the sin of the tongue. Think about one’s own self and why to bother about others but people don’t get enjoyment unless there is no gheebat in the majlis. Prophet ﷺ used to say two things are very easy to do but heavier in scales. One is to remain silent and the other is to have good akhlaq.
The third sin is that of eyes. Don’t look at ghair mahram with these eyes. Don’t look at haram things.
If one saves from all these three sins in today’s environment, he will be saved from all the sins. If eyes are not under control, then nothing can stop the heart from the filth and when the heart falls in filth, nothing can protect the youth and chastity. This happens when the eyes become uncontrolled. By controlling the heart, tongue and eyes, one will be saved from lot many sins. So there is no barrier for the love of Allah ﷻ but the disobedience and for disobedience, let these three sins be paid more attention. Then let us hope inshaaAllah we will be fortunate to get the love of Allah ﷻ. Let Allah grant us all His love ﷻ and grant us shiddat in His ﷻ love. Ameen.

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