Prof Vishweshwar Rao urges empathy towards Muslims

Hyderabad: Prof. PL Vishweshwar Rao, Vice-President of Telangana Jana Smaithi raises his voice against the police brutally and improper treatment against minorities.

Professor Rao who is also a well-known social activities said, “The government and the police must stop being brutal or communalized.”

“I would like to bring to your kind attention the problems being faced by the poor, marginalised and Muslim minorities are facing during the Covid-19 lockdown and the holy month of Ramzan,” said Prof P L Vishweshwer Rao

“Ground level reports show that citizens are facing enormous difficulties in procuring rations, milk and medicines during the lockdown. And their plight is worsened by the excesses of the police including beating up of people, seizing their vehicles and so on.” adds Prof Rao.

Professor also rouse his concern on how citizens are been brutally and humiliated when they out for essentials as well. The police are also seizing vehicles, two-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, four-wheelers and even bicycles of those who come out during lockdown.

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 “Such extreme measures by the police are not only alienating the Muslims but causing extreme hardships to the middle- and lower-middle class people who are already suffering from the month-long lockdown,” said Vishweswa Rao.

Mentioning the study of 2018 of the research institute Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), it was found that less than 25% of Indians trusted the police. Rao stated about the relations between the police and the people continue to be feudal considering that India’s policing laws are governed by the colonial-era Police Act that came into effect four years after India’s 1857 uprising against the British.

He also said, “Factors likeover- work due to long working hours, lack of manpower/resources and interference by politicians mut be resulting bad stress management in police personnel’s.”

“Using violence and extreme measures of punishment in times of distress as being experienced during lockdown is nothing short of undemocratic and violative of fundamental rights of the citizens of India including the right to equality, and equal protection of the laws,” Pointed the social activist.

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He said, “The police brutality is breaking the constitutional provisions on equality under law and equal rights. Articles like 15, 16, 17, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 which guaranteed equality and protection are violated by police action.”

Professor suggests, “The police must be restrain from seizing of vehicles as most families are poor and they cannot afford to buy at one go or stock provisions for the family. Secondly, all Public Distribution System must ensure that rations are available daily so that a citizen can access rations whenever she has the money and lastly all the vehicles seized should be returned and no fines should be imposed.”

Professor urged that the Government should use discretion and empathy during these times of distress and fear due to the lockdown and avoid violence and ill-treatment.

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