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PUBG addict son beheads father in sleep

PUBG addict son beheads father in sleep
Photo: AFP

Belgaum: In a gruesome incident reported, an online game addict son chopped off his father’s head for disallowing him to play the online game- PUBG.

The incident took place around 5 am in the morning at Siddheshwar Nagar under the Kakati police station.

The deceased identified as Shankar was hacked to death by accused son Raghuveer Kumbar.

According to sources, the accused in a fit of rage over cutting the internet connection beheaded Shankar’s head and his leg.

” Raghuveer Kumbar hilled his father Shankar for cutting internet connection. He was beaten badly before death for taking his phone and not allowing him to play PUBG game,” police said.

When Shekarappa found his son playing he shouted at him and asked him to go to sleep.

Furious Raghuveer woke up at 5 a.m and attacked his father still in sleep, after locking his mother’s room from outside.

Though the victim cried for help he could not be saved. A neighbor who heard the cries woke up and called the police.

The accused had already cut off the victim’s leg by the time the police had arrived.

The deceased Shankar had retired from police service just three months ago. Further investigation is on.

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