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Raja Singh visits Masjid, distributes food packets

Raja Singh visits Masjid, distributes food packets
Raja Singh visited Masjid in Mangalhat

Hyderabad: BJP MLA of Goshamahal Constituency, T Raja Singh has visited Masjid in his constituency and distributed food packet.

The state is in 21-day lockdown due to which thousands of unorganized sector people are struggling for their basic needs. The Telangana CM, KCR has announced 12Kg rice and Rs. 1500 to the one who have white ration cards.

Since the lockdown started, many individuals, NGOs and trusts are providing food to the poor people irrespect of their religion and caste.

In this tough time, people of extreme ideology also coming forward to help the needy and poor. Some are distributing food whereas other distributing ration kits.

On Saturday 4 April, BJP MLA, Raja Singh visited masjid in Mangalhat and distributes food packet to Muazzin and Imam of that masjid.

He also urges them to make a list of people who are in need of food and share the same with him so that he will directly provide the food packets to them.

He is known for delivering provocative speeches against the Muslim. But in this crisis, he is sending a message of peace and harmony among the Hindu and Muslims by standing along with them in this tough time.

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