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RTC strike, rains and absence of cops send traffic out of gear

RTC strike, rains and absence of cops send traffic out of gear

Hyderabad: Traffic density in Hyderabad city has increased massively owing to heavy rains couple with the TSRTC strike. Many commuters who would earlier use public transport are now driving their own vehicles.

The traffic cops are no where seen during massive traffic jams. Not many are there on roads to ease the traffic movement. They are there at intersections and signals on major roads maintaining the traffic from under sheds provided for the purpose and are also seen controlling signal switch boards near crossroads.

Some others are also seen clicking pictures of rule violators. But not many are seen at spots where major traffic jams occur.

Shekhar Shivaratri, a motorist said, “The traffic has increased so much in the city that it has become a big struggle to drive on the road. At many places, either the signals don’t work or there are no police personnel to control the traffic. At some places couple of traffic cops gather at the booths provided to them but are not controlling the jams.”

Meenakshi Sinha, a student of B.com final year, said, “There are so many cops who don’t control traffic but click pictures of people for traffic violations. At one massive traffic jam right next to a checking point, the cops completely ignored the chaos and continued fining people. Often citizens themselves manage traffic if there is no cop to do it.” She added, “Fining people and clicking pictures of vehicles is not as important as managing traffic. Also, while traffic cops click pictures of vehicles parked outside shops and fine them, they should also fine shop owners for not providing parking to customers.”

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