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Ruhaan of Miyaan Bhai is back with a new hit number Rubaab

Ruhaan of Miyaan Bhai is back with a new hit number Rubaab

Mohammed Hussain

Hyderabad:Ruhaan Arshad who gave you Miyan Bhai a few months ago is back with a new song on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old Hyderabadi rapper’s Rubaab music video is notching up the YouTube ladder as if it is pumped from below by some unknown force.

When Miya Bhai was launched in November last year it had made unprecedented waves on social media. It received huge response not just in India but also from the UAE, Turkey, the U.S.A and Europe.

Ruhaan uploaded Rubaab at 7-00 pm and within an hour it had registered over 78,000 views, 17k likes and about 20k comments. Since then it is rising like a balloon in the air.

Speaking to siasat.com Ruhaan said, “The song is based on the themes of unity and living in harmony.”

He sang a few lines for Siasat.com that went like this: ‘Hai Rubab hai Rubab hai, miya bhai ki shaan hai Hindu Musalmaan hai, Telangana ki hai ye shaan, ye hai mera Hindustan, Miljul kar rehte yaha Hindu Musalmaan’.

Against the backdrop of rising intolerance in North India the song aims at fostering a sense of unity among all communities, he added.

He is a degree student from Pratibha Degree College in Kukatpally.

He said he shot the song with only Rs 40,000 that he had saved over the years. It was shot in two days and edited in 2 more days.

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