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Safa: Daughter of madrassa teacher praised for translating Rahul

Safa Febin won many hearts for the effortless translation

Safa: Daughter of madrassa teacher praised for translating Rahul
Image credits: Saved Veliyamcod/Twitter

MALAPPURAM: 17-year-old Safa Febin stole the limelight after she translated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s English speech to Malayalam.

The Wayanad MP had arrived at the state-run higher secondary school in Karuvarakundu, to inaugurate a science laboratory build for Rs 5 million.

As soon as Rahul Gandhi started speaking, he asked if anyone could translate his speech into Malayalam. To this, Safa raised her hand amid huge applaud by her schoolmates.

During the 15-minute speech, Rahul Gandhi was speaking in English and Safa flawlessly translated his entire speech into Malayalam.

The translation of the video has also gone viral on social media. 

At the end of his speech, Congress leader congratulated her for the translation. He shook hands with Safa and gifted her a bar of chocolate.

Safa, thus, won many hearts for the effortless translation and made the school proud.

Daughter of Madrassa teacher

Safa, a Class 12 student of a Government Higher Secondary School is the fifth and youngest daughter of Madrassa teacher.

Father Kunhi Muhammed feels proud of his daughter Safa. “All the credit should go to her. She is a voracious reader. But I never knew that she has this skill to translate speeches beautifully,” he said.

A morale booster

Later speaking to the media, Febin said the event is a morale booster.

When Rahul Gandhi spoke about translation, she wanted to go but kept mum. She took the challenge only when her friends spurred her.

“I had not done any such translation before. When I walked to the dais, for a moment, I felt I was dreaming. But soon I gathered my confidence and was able to do it well,” said Febin.

“If he (Gandhi) wishes, I am ready to translate all his speeches, whenever he is here,” she said.

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