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Sakshi Misra gets her marriage registered in Bareilly

Sakshi Misra gets her marriage registered in Bareilly

Bareilly: The Bareilly couple, whose elopement and marriage made headlines last month, has quietly returned to Bareilly.

The couple returned to Bareilly amidst tight police security on Wednesday and went to the registrar’s office where they got their marriage registered. The couple had earlier got married at a temple in Prayagraj and the marriage was held valid by the Allahabad High Court.

Sakshi Misra, daughter of Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Rajesh Misra, had eloped with a Dalit boy, Ajitesh, on July 3. The couple later posted a video on the social media, claiming a threat to their lives by Sakshi’s father and brother.

The matter turned into a major controversy after the couple appeared in a TV studio in Noida where they blamed Sakshi’s family for refusing to accept the marriage due to caste issue. Later the matter reached the Allahabad High Court that ordered the state government to provide security for the couple and also held their marriage valid.

Recently Sakshi posted a complaint on the Chief Minister’s ‘Jan Sunwai’ portal, claiming that some elements were trying to malign the image of the families of her father and in-laws by posting objectionable content on the social media.

Meanwhile, the couple had applied online for registration of their marriage, and when they appeared in court, the security personnel kept the media at bay.

A source close to Sakshi, however, said that even though their marriage had been held valid by the court, they wanted to register the same to ‘remove all doubts’.

The couple returned to Delhi where they have lived since their elopement.

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