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Sanjiv Kumar risks life to save Mujib ur Rehman

Sanjiv Kumar risks life to save Mujib ur Rehman
Burkha Dutt interviewed Sanjiv Kumar who was called terrorist for helping Muslim neighbors

New Delhi: While some were busy burning Delhi in the name of religion, others were pre-occupied in holding onto their age-old unity in diversity.

Social media is rife with massacre stories of carnage, arson, people leaving their homes built with blood, sweat and tears. Despite such havoc, many Indians succeeded in maintaining humanity and religious harmony. Burkha Dutt interviewed one such citizen named Sanjiv Kumar who saved Mujibur Rehman. Both were adherents of two different faiths.

Sanjiv is being threatened for helping Muslim neighbors. Muslims approached Sanjiv’s home for shelter after their houses were burnt. “I said this colony is yours. Everyone came forward to help each other,” said Sanjiv.

Sanjiv has been living with Muslims for the last 25 years sharing their happy and sad times together.

He broke down saying, ” I have been called a terrorist for showing humanity”

Dutt had a talk with Mujib Ur Rehman at Al-Hind hospital before reaching out to Sanjiv Kumar. “Sanjiv Bhai took my son’s wife who was pregnant to the hospital on his bike,” said Rehman.

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