“Save yourself, your family and nation,” says Ajmal Badruddin

Maulana Ajmal Badruddin Member of Parliament (MP) speaks how the pandemic is wrongly labeled to Muslims. In his interview with Aditya Menon of “The Quint” he urges the Muslim crowd to stay home and pray from home.

“It has been weeks that Muslims are labeled to spread the pandemic but they must release that it was not the jamaat attendees who bought it first.” he said.

 According to Ajmal journalist are very biased, they speak with so much hatred about Muslims. Whenever they speak about Muslims it appears that they might have a heart attack and may finish themselves.

On asking if the tabliqi’s are wrong he said, “Surely, we admit that the event should not have happened or tallest the ones who are hiding from the GHMC must come up for screening ones. some of them are wrong but blaming and pointing out the jamaat only is completely unethical. But the matter of fact is many of them were educated and have come ahead by their own choice for screening.”

He asserted, “It’s definitely not jamaat attendees who went to China, America, Spain to spread the virus but the fact is the virus entered India first by the family of three from Italy to Kerala. So the airport authorities should be blamed as they didn’t screen him at the airport.”

Ajmal had also appreciated the government official, police and medical staff for their sheer hard work.

The Mp appeals to people to pray from home. He asked the Muslims amid by government rules and pray at home.

“It is the prophet sunnah which he stated 1400 years ago; that whenever there is a pandemic like this stay away from gatherings and pray from home.” he added.

He also said, “You see how it was revealed that none of Muslims are seen going to mosques, nor were any spot at the graveyards during Shab-e-Qadr. It’s not the community who should be blamed as you can see them amid by the rules.”

He asserted the Muslim community to stay home and pray during the noble month of Ramadan and not leave the home unnecessarily.

“Save yourself, your family and your nation,” he concluded.

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