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Scrapping of article 370 won’t harm Kashmir: Maulana Kalbe Jawad

Lucknow: Appealing to the people belonging to all religions and sects to maintain peace, Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawad said Kashmir is the object of our affections and it is the part of our body. If it gets hurt we also feel hurt. He appealed Kashmiris to distance themselves from separatists and don’t fall prey to their words.

Reacting upon the scrapping of Article 370, Maulana Jawad said after the move, Kashmir too got status equal to that of other states. He told Kashmiris that if they feel themselves part of India then they will get all those rights which other citizens of India enjoy.

Maulana Kalbe Jawad claimed there will be no harm to Kashmir due to scrapping of article 370 because the states where article 370 is not enforced, there also people are getting basic rights and are living peacefully.

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