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Services Australia selects Infosys to digitize welfare entitleme

Services Australia selects Infosys to digitize welfare entitleme

Melbourne: Digital services major Infosys has signed an agreement with the Australian federal government’s Services Australia to transform the entitlement calculation engine for the country’s welfare system.

The project will enable Services Australia to more quickly implement policy changes for the benefit of Australians without disrupting services and deliver operational cost savings, said a statement issued by Infosys.

The Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) program will replace a significant portion of Centrelink’s 30-year-old platform, modernizing the way Services Australia calculates entitlements for Australians needing government support.

According to Services Australia, this will be one of the world’s largest social welfare ICT system transformations, designed to provide customers with faster and more connected digital services, give staff a modern ICT platform that makes it easier for them to do their jobs, and position the department to meet future policy needs of government.

The first phase of the agreement is for Infosys to create a proof of design and is expected to complete by mid-2020. Subject to further approval, the second phase of the project will encompass the build, implementation, and support for the new ECE.

The Infosys Australia technical team will service the project, led by its expanding Canberra office.

“A robust, responsive and agile welfare entitlements system is crucial for all Australians, particularly those in need. So Infosys is tremendously proud to support Services Australia on such a transformational project that underpins the Australian community and broader economy,” said Andrew Groth, Infosys Senior Vice President, and Region Head Australia and New Zealand.

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