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Shoemaker woman sets example; contributes savings to hospital

Shoemaker woman sets example; contributes savings to hospital

Warangal: A social worker who runs an Old Age Home in the city, took an initiative to highlight the issue of lack of equipment at the State-run Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH).

According to a report, Md. Yakub Bee who is a social worker launched a special initiative to contribute towards the development of the Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

As a part of this, she is going to work for 30 days in different roles and contribute her earnings for purchasing equipment for the hospital.

Yakub Bee started the job of a shoe repairer at University Arts and Science College in Hanamkonda, Warangal.

She said she was disturbed at the situation in the hospital where the people were suffering due to lack of facilities.

“There are no ventilators in the hospital. People have to stand in a queue under the sun waiting for their turn because there are no sheds,” she added.

As quoted by Telangana Today, she said: “Instead of thinking what I am receiving from the society, one must think what I can do for the society. With this motto, I have taken up this job. Hundreds of people visit the hospital every day. I feel it is my duty to do something about the situation. This would become an eye-opener for the government.”

She said that the government should respond immediately and provide quality service to the patients by improving the facilities.

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