Siasat Education Fair receives great response; 4000 attend on Sunday

These events are a platform to discuss course options, clarify your doubts on admission requirements, get information on scholarships, etc

Hyderabad: Tremendous response is being received from students across the city for the Siasat Education Fair, which is meant for guiding them in their path of higher education. Over 4,000 students attended the fair yesterday, which will continue till November 3 at the Siasat Daily office premises in Abids.

During the ongoing event, the students have an expert career counselor Mr. M.A. Hameed, who offers guidance to the students and their parents on different aspects pertaining to their education.

The event began on November 1, in association with the Lord’s Institution of Engineering & Technology.

MS Education Academy

Attending education fairs is a great first step in assessing your budget as well as the different options for pursuing your future degree.

These events are a platform to discuss course options, clarify your doubts on admission requirements, get information on scholarships, etc. In short, an education fair helps you receive information from university representatives in person as well as peers who may have similar goals.

The education fair is being organized to help prospective students join these streams: Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Management & B.Ed

Several  benefits of attending Siasat education fair are listed below:

1. Meet Institutions representatives directly and under one roof

The reason many of the students attend the educational fair is to meet college representatives. These events are where you can meet a range of Institutions, all under one roof. It is an open opportunity to discuss your case one-on-one with the college representatives and a chance to interact freely as well.

2. Offers Complete Guidance and Counseling to the Students

Many students end up choosing wrong college or course because of their limited knowledge and resources. There is no know-how regarding the colleges’ availability in and around Hyderabad or even the available of different courses in these colleges.

By attending the education fair, you may easily get your counseling done by the institution heads and even present your case before them. You may ask them any of your queries or doubts regarding your admissions, fees structure, faculty, courses, scholarship or more in person and have them address all your concerns.

The representatives of different colleges from all over the city make the complete information available to you. Besides making a provision of complete and accurate information, they are there to even assist you in your academic process.

3. Scholarships or fees concession for select students

High tuition fees and cost of transportation involved in pursuing the course can be a major factor of a hindrance when it comes to getting enrolled in the preferred college.

The education fair presents you with numerous opportunities of availing different scholarships or fee waivers on your course.

You can find in-depth information on different types of relaxations that are offered by Colleges. Also, you may put forth your case in front of College heads/ counselors to avail the maximum scholarship and fee exemptions.

4. Eligibility Criteria

In order to check if you meet the eligibility criteria for an admission to a specific College /Course, there is no way better than to directly communicate with the College representatives. And, The Siasat education fair offers you such an opportunity at no extra cost.

The experts may even help you understand both your strong areas and areas where you need to work so as to create a stronger profile.

5. Discover new Course

By attending the Education fairs, you get to explore a vast number of course options that match both your potential and interest.

Even though you might have a clear plan of which College and Course you plan to apply, there is no harm in discovering options that you haven’t previously considered. The course may perfectly fit your requirements and goals. Talking to as many College representatives as possible, and keeping an open mind will help you branch out if needed. Usually, many students applying to a College they met during the fair and previously had no idea about it. The event attendees should always remember to be flexible to change in course or institution and our fair is the best place to explore new Course available.

6. Seminars by Experts

In the Education fairs, there are many seminars have been pre-planned in order to offer an enriching experience to the participants that is full of learning and enlightenment. The speakers are the distinguished counselors, heads, and representatives from renowned Colleges. They are the ones who possess a great deal of experience in dealing with admission cases of the students having different potential and interest.

7. Opportunity to greet and meet the peer

Not only the educational fair is the right opportunity to meet prospective colleges and even employers, but also a great chance to network with your peers.

We advise that you don’t underestimate the value of sharing ideas and information with other prospective students at the fair too. Who knows, you might find out about some unique courses or prep courses that you can take to enhance your eligibility

 In order to provide additional value to attendees of Siasat Educatuon fair, we have arranged our expert and renowned career counselor Mr.M.A.Hameed, who will offer guidance to the students and their parents on different aspects pertaining to their education and career.

Don’t hesitate to attend the educational fair; the information and insight you receive are beneficial in choosing your course, and Institution.

In case you have any doubts or information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on – 8919493509/9908025687 

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