Siasat online readers express views on Salman Nadvi’s statement “Perform marriage in Islamic way”

Hyderabad: Recently, Maulana Syed Salman Nadvi, noted Islamic scholar expressed his anxiety on extravagant expenses in marriages. He stressed the need for performing marriage ceremonies in a simple way. He condemned those who spend crores of rupees in marriages. He advised the people of Hyderabad to display banners carrying the message, ‘Those who spend extravagantly are the brothers of Satan’ in front of function halls where such marriages are being celebrated.

He persuaded people to say categorically that they don’t want to attend such marriages. He asked them to say ‘If you want to perform marriage according to Islamic way, we will attend. Otherwise, call any pandit to perform marriage’.

Many Siasat online readers agreed with the views expressed by Maulana Nadvi and said that there is a need to end un-Islamic way of performing marriage.

Here’re a few of the reactions of Siasat online readers.

  1. Bilkul sahi. Aur is ko rokna bhi aaaaan nahi hai
  2. Muslim community is on the brink of ruin due to its irrational exuberance in marriages. The main reason of irrational exuberance is Islamic illiteracy of women. Ulema needs to conduct frequent seminars for women about the financial literacy, importance of saving for retirement/medical treatments/elder care, philanthropy – investing in education of relatives who cannot afford higher education, make college fund deposits for grandchildren, etc. During Khutabas and social gatherings aboe points should be focused and men and women needs to be guided in their thoughts and actions. If Ulema do not take responsibility and seek refuge in spirituality community will deteriorate even more.
  3. Only sermons will not take community forward. Please come to the ground level and interact with the people in best possible way. Majority of our own community did not know ABC of Islam and you are giving sermon by using Quran and Hadith will not going to work. A Syllabus will be prescribed will introduce in Schools and Madrasas to get better awareness from the childhood. After 10 -15 years you will see the change on ground, otherwise keep make 1 million sermons of no use.
  4. Absolutely correct maulana, Wo community kabhi grow nahi kerti jo shaadi pay education say ziyada spend karay

Reactions of Siasat Online reader on Facebook

  1. Syed Waseem: Well said agree 100%
  2. Mohammad Kamaal Ansari: Well said …Only simplicity is way of Islam…. If you copy someone Ur from them States hadith….
  3. Muhammad Abrar Qureshi: Sahi bole aap aaj kal ke.musalman gair qaum ke logo ko follow karre jaise sanchak mahendi aur nachgaana music aur ab kya ki naya tamasha bade bowl mai doodh aur phool phir dulha dulhan ki rings dalke dhundo bolre haule sab gair qaum ke riwaajo ko follow karre apne loga

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