South African Muslims show the way for Ummah empowerment

Editor. Abdul hafiz lakhani’s note:

Gujarat’s Baroda based leading social activist, educationist and Businessman  MR. Zuber Gopalani recently visited South Africa,Johannesburg  for a week. He went  to various Islamic luminaries, educational  facilities, human aid organisations and got a impression that Muslims in SA are doing great work for ummah empowerment in various field in vast and vivid way. More importantly, most oof them are originally from Gujarat. Here we are happy to put his report

Lenasia Muslim Association run Muslim Schools

MS Education Academy

Moulana Galid Pandor +27825626281

The Nurul Islam Girls School at Lenasia was started in the late 1980 as one of the primary aims and objectives of the Centre. The School is run at the Nurul Islam Centre complex and caters for learners of all grades 1 to 12. A fully Islamic girl’s school that offers Maktab and Secular education by qualified teachers, catering for the individual needs of each learner. The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education. Alhamdulillah, the Nurul Islam Girls School is amongst the first from Muslim Schools countrywide to introduce a system where all Islamic subjects are taught first in the initial periods before the secular subjects periods commence.

  • Every Period starts with Zikr, turn by turn students comes and Says o Alhamdulliah, SubhanAllah, Allahuakbar as per decided day and on Friday they recite Durood sharief only
  • Remedial Teachers of Quran, Identify students and run classes simultaneously, student return to regular class once teacher satisfy with studies.
  • 7.30 to 9.00 Hifz with translation

Lenasia Muslim School Mol. Nazir Ahmed

Same curriculum as LMA

  • 13 Period a Day of 30 min each 7.20 to 7.40 is called Admin period
  • 1 Principal
  • 2 Vice principal
  • SLT (Senior Leaders Team) Jr. Class HOD 1-6 Pri HOD 7-12 HOD Subject HODs, Islamiyat HODs, Language, Science Math & Humanities HODs
  • 25 Students in Class
  • 1050 Students 70 Teachers
  • Each teacher 56 Periods
  • HOD must teach at least 40 to 45 periods

Hifz Section with school
Has to reach school at 6.00 Am till 7.30 attends regular school after 7.30
In diniyat periods Hifz student goes for Hifz

After school 3 to 4.30 at least three to four hours a day he gets Hifz practice

They also go to local Madressas also

From class five girls, Boys are separated

In regular school basic

  • They teach Quran with Phonetics
  • Not Full Quran hafiz but from Wad Duha to Surah Naaas
  • Yasin Tabaraq and Surah Sajdah
  • One hour of Akhlaq Period alternate day
  • Diniyat and/or  Quran daily as per syllabus and time table
  • Most of the Teachers are Alims and Graduate
  • Regular teachers training every week for Islamiyat teachers
  • Alim Knows or are trained Child Psychology, IQ, Child behavior, Interaction and problem solving
  • They don’t promote Hostel environment because

Those kids who are away from parents and don’t gets parents love and affection are found more aggressive and feeling less towards others. They gets instruction of do’s and don’ts from matron or warden, in case of failure they are abused physically and mentally

This is the reason Madressa graduates are arrogant

Alim Course with Graduation
Time Period 6 years after class XII

After class XII with distance (Daily one hour and week end classes with self study, we can have a class of 25 in Madressa with dedicated faculty and digital assistance, we can keep good teacher of English for extra efforts on language) B.A/ B.Com with English, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, Humanities subjects like political Science Social studies etc B.Sc with Math or Science for three years. Even BSW, MSW, Mass communication and journalism etc

B.ed For two years

After these five years he returns to Madressa with part time service in any good school as a assistant teacher, at weekends teachers training of various subjects can be imparted.

These stuff can be used an excellent teacher in school/Madressa

After finishing studies he can run Maktab along with extra teaching classes in Maktab itself.

If we succeed with the set up basic Maktab program in school which includes Quran, Hadith History, Seerat, Fiqah uloom etc from class zero, the student of class XII will easily cover alimiyat and secular studies together.

For today’s time we need

First step

Muslim School with diniyat and Akhlaqiyat up to senior secondary level

Second step

Alim course along with distance education graduation with B.ed for good teachers

Such students can join even civil services one finished with graduation.

Age at the time of class XII will be 17 at the age of 23/24 he/she is ready to lead the ummah.

Such Students can go for Mass communication, Journalism since they will have good command over language. They can be train for BA sociology, clinical Psychology, Law and further judge’s exams, Mediation, intervention and arbitration.

Azzadville Schools of Maulana Zaheer 31 YEAR OLD SCHOOL

  • Muslim School with Secular Education upto class 12
  • Every day atleast 2.30 hrs of Islamiyat
  • 95% Ulemas as a teacher
  • 10 minutes zero period for admin work, uniform, school diary, fees etc work is done.
  • Quran periods in the beginning of day
  • Hifz class starts in the morning
  • At grade four they identify students and inform parents if they want to put ward in Hifz Class
  • Trial period of six months to moniter student if he is able to do hifz
  • 5.00 am to 6.30 they go back home and return to school at 7.30
  • With hifz they learn duas, history, seerat, ulooms, Hifz class students does not attends regaular diniyat periods they go for hifz
  • Aqaid and fiqh is added feather
  • They follow Jamiat syllabus
  • After completing class XII they go to UNISA for secular studies along with alimiyat
  • Few takes up distance education along with alimiyat
  • They learn basic of islamiyat/deen in school

Their system is

  • Nazara starts at class one and at the age of 10 when student is in class V he must read Quran easily.
  • They use Hijja system Encoding, Decoding system
  • They start Iqra qayda by class I and II or max by III
  • They run Remedial class for those who are weak in Quran also

In class V all students must have knowledge to read Quran properly.

Alimiyat six years course

  • Daura
  • Mishkat
  • Hidaya
  • Shara
  • Qudoori

What we can do

At Schools like Hanifa And Adarsh/Ideal(Napa) we can have diniyat Periods (already having) more on system like These schools have. I have already given to our Diniyat Teachers to work on it.

There are Maktabs in Vadodara run By Mufti Imran, Mufti Aarif and Mufti Salman Sahabs, I already had a word with them, they showed interest in the system.  Mufti Imran Sahab runs Girls school from Class 0 till 10, he simultaneously runs Maktab in the school after school Hours, He also runs Home Science Jr collage for Girls who drops the studies after class 10

For Alim Plus (Alimiyat Plus Secular Education) Can also be taken up in the same campus.

At Hanifa We have Hifzul Quran Plus

Admitting Hafiz students who completed Hifz and are employed at jobs and wasting their talents are hunted and adopted by Hanifa.
They undergo
Basic Foundation course for six months includes, Math, Science and English
Bridge course For More six months
One year to appear them for Class X for NIOS exam

After completing class X they will choose/select their carrier as per their aptitude result.
These Huffaz are kept in Hostel their day starts with Fajar Namaz Daur of Quran, they attends regular classes in school. 4 Maulanas are kept to see that they don’t go away from Quran.

Most important thing we noticed at Various Maktabs are Teachers Training.

We can speak to Zimmedars of Maktabs to have similar trainings here also.


·        Two types of Training

  1. Training to teach Quran, Maktabs can be run under one umbrella organization, Common syllabus, lesson Plan, Yearly Planning, periodical test, proper time table and above all monitoring System.
  2. Training to put them to learn Child psychology, attitude, and behavior with kids. To create atmosphere of teaching and learning with Joy. Making Diniyat interesting. We can also put digital training in Maktabs.
  3. Teaching Skills
  4. Workshop for leadership qualities, Team Building
  5. Workshop for Hygiene and cleanliness. Most important is good touch bad touch

Once in a year they are taken to some resort for work shops.

Maulana/Maktab Teacher must be on ground for any sports to keep them frustration free and fit.

We can announce teacher training for Maulanas, we have to put up a system at least a pilot project for the same.

We can also establish

Full Time Hifz, Part Time basic secular education, Students can return to schools in various class in regular school.

Similarly, six year course of Alim can be included with Full time Alim and part time school, they can complete Alim course at the age of 15 and 16 since they have basic secular education clear they can appear for 10th and 12th and can become doctors and engineers also.

At Jamiat

Jamiat undertakes various training programs

  • 50 hrs of counseling course for female members who in turn takes care of Sisters who are facing problem in married life.
  • They do training for teachers, to Love students, not to beat, not to scold, how to bring them close with love and affection.
  • They train Maulanas regularly on various community issues even how to speak to media.
  • Open day in Masjid, Invite people in Masjid, bring people close to Islam and Muslims, teach them Taharts, Vazu and importance of Tahart and and Vazu scientifically.
  • Married girls Workshop for home management
  • Newly married couples or proposed couples are taught about huqquqs and important of happy family, female as a team player and male as a team leader.
  • Counseling and mediation of disputed family cases even business disputes etc. Maulanas are trained how to deal about. Things are kept confidential
  • Panel of Ulemas work with lawyers to sort out problems
  • Professionals are involved in training
  • They use examples of Huzur sallalahualyhiwasalalm and sahabas to sort out these problems.
  • Online professional help anyone can log in

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