SP leader censures Yogi Adityanath

By Kulsum Mustafa

Lucknow: Leader of the Opposition in the Uttar Pradesh State Assembly, Ram Govind  Chaudhury, censured Chief Minister  Yogi  Adityanath and accused him of unleashing a reign of terror and fear in the state. He charged Yogi of instilling panic in the masses through his hate speeches, anti-minority stance and open threats of  punishing anyone who dared to disagree with the  Bharatiya Janata Party ideology. Yogi and his party, Ram Govind said, is using Lord Ram just as “Vote Dev”, to fulfill their political agenda, whereas the Samajwadi Party, he said respects and treats Ram as God.  From here stems the difference in their ideology.

SP leader expresses concern at Yogi’s speeches

Senior Samajwadi Party leader, Ram Govind, was speaking in the UP Vidhan Sabha, during the budget session on Monday.  He expressed deep concern at Yogi’s recent speeches, chiefly during the Delhi elections where Yogi , has been invited by the BJP as part of the team of star campaigners for the party.

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Deploring the un parliamentary language Yogi used during the campaign like “thok do” (kill them),  Aisa sabak sikhaoo key saath pushtey yaad rakhey ( teach them a lesson that their seven generation remember)  etc, Ram Govind said this is not the language  of a chief minister of state, and certainly not of a Holy man. Yogi, he said, is expected to shower blessings of long life and prosperity on the people and not threaten them and instill fear in them.

The SP leader charged Yogi of totally destroying the social fabric of the state and said that his hate speech has created a huge communal divide among the people. Reiterating that peaceful protest is the right of every Indian Ram Govind deplored the force used on demonstrators, including women protestors in several places in the state.  

Yogi’s orders of imposing fines on the protestors on charges of destroying public property Ram Govind said that protest is the right given under the Constitution . and BJP has enjoyed this right during the days when they were out of power.

Charging the government of turning a deaf ear to the problems of the people Ram Govind said that the few who dare to come before the government with their grievances and genuine demands are beaten up and made to shut down their voices. There is no justice for them just the agony of being suppressed and punished for daring to open their mouth

Anti-CAA protests

Ram Govind was critical of the district administration’s handling of the  peaceful, all women dharna against ‘Black laws’ – CAA, NCR at Ghantaghar in Lucknow.  He said the harsh and brutal treatment is the hallmark of Yogi raj and a true example of how the state  government treats anyone who does not toe the BJP line.

Instead of giving their demands a sympathetic hearing, they were not allowed to put up any tents or make a bonfire to keep away the harsh winter chill  they were treated as criminals , Their blankets and food were snatched away by the police, and water pored over the burning coals.   

“Jahan bahu beti ki izzat na ho who Yeh Ram Rajya ho hi nahi sakta,(where the women folks are not treated with respect cannot be rule of Ram), said Ram Govind, He said in true Ram Rajya not just humans but also animals get justice and live in blissful peace.

“BJP ney kalankit kiya Ram ko (BJP has stigmatized), said the leader

He urged the CM to stop the politics of dividing people on communal lines and instead work on bringing welfare and prosperity to the state by implementing the  hundreds of policies that are there on paper but have not been implemented  so far.

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