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Success guaranteed: here’s the formula

The secret behind success is making Allah the business partner

Success guaranteed: here’s the formula

Motivational speaker Javed Chaudhry in this video shows the confirmed gateway to success.

Malik Riyaz formula

Javed Chaudhry says Malik Riyaz is among the 5 biggest personalities of Pakistan. He was a small contractor 25 years ago but now he has become the biggest housing project owner of Asia. When asked about the reason behind the success, Malik Riaz says he keeps share for Allah in all his businesses. Elaborating further Malik Riaz says whenever I begin any project I make Allah tala business partner of it. When he was a contractor he used to spend one part of the profit in the way of Allah. Today also he spends 68 Cr in Allah’s cause. He feeds 1 lakh people daily.

Junaid Jamsheed

Junaid Jamsheed runs biggest garment business in Pakistan. When he began business he was a failure. He approached Maulana who advised him to share his profit with Allah. He and his partner made Allah business partner with 33 pc of profit. From the very next day, the business began flourishing. Their brand has now become famous on the international level.

Savour food

The reason behind the success of savour food is also similar to that of Junaid Jamsheed and Malik Riaz. They provide food to the children of orphanage.

Saylani Trust

Saylani trust in Karachi feeds food worth 70 lakh rupees to the hungry. Maulana Basheer Farooqui is the patron of the trust. Its donors began with a small donation and increased their donation later. Because as soon as they donate Allah increases their wealth.

Imran Khan

When he opened cancer hospital he became prime minister.

International philanthropists

Javed Chaudhry also gives the example of international donors like Bill gates.

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