The superpowers are helpless against Coronavirus

Kuwait: I would like to talk about the situation that we are passing through, a disease which is caused by coronavirus has engulfed the whole world. This virus does not differentiate between the rich and the poor, or a hut or the Whitehouse.

The virus is one of the armies of Allah (SWT) that has been imposed all over the world. To punish the tyrants and the sinners, Allah (SWT) had sent His armies in different forms. Sometimes, He had sent Ababeel (a kind of bird) and wind as his army. Now is the time for us to repent vigorously and seek pardon from Allah to get rid of this punishment.

The Pharaon’s thought they are Invinsible

In every era, injustice and oppression had prevailed in this world, and Allah (SWT) had punished the nations for their sins or tyranny in this world itself. Today’s cruelty is not much when compared to that of the past.

Constantinople was one of the wealthiest nations in the world where the rich used to entrap the prisoners in cages and burn them alive. In the light of their burning bodies, they used to dine. Their painful screams were music to their ears. Where are those people now? They have perished, there are no signs of those tyrants now.

100 years back the sun never sets on the British Empire

We have observed that Europe and America were immersed in their own pride. This is same Europe, from where the cartoons of our Prophet (may peace be upon him) were published, now Europe is helpless. Allah (SWT) is punishing Europeans, and they are helpless.

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America has continued its oppression all over the world. It has imposed sanctions on Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and also in the past on Bosnia and Chechnya. Palestine and Kashmir are under oppression too.

We have seen many oppressions in the short span of our life. We have seen that China had confined thousands of Muslims in one place as prisoners, now they are under lockdown. China is trying to impose a communist ideology on Chinese Muslims and trying to keep them away from Islam.

Coronavirus has started in China and spread all over the world. Today, most of the deaths are taking place in Europe, followed by America.

The tyrants might have realized now that because of their economic sanctions, oppression and injustice on Iran, Iraq , Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and other weaker countries, they are facing scarcity of medicines, food, and other necessary medical equipment like ventilators, oxygen masks. Sick people are suffering there because of non-availability of medical facilities.

We have seen the atrocities in Syria, millions have died, and many Syrians have migrated to Europe.

We have seen the situation in Kashmir; there has been lockdown for many months. Lakhs of Kashmiris are confined in their homes. Just imagine, how must they be fulfilling their daily needs? In what condition may be the sick? There may be kidney patients who need dialysis. Dialysis machines are not available.

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The Helpless UNO

This problem was put in front of the world and also in the UNO. But nobody came forward to help these people. No country has a raised a voice from any corner of the world.

Not only Palestinians and Syrians, Kashmiris, Uighurs the people of Gaza are also living under complete lockdown. Gazans are living in prisons.

As you sow, so shall you reap

Now, the whole world is under complete lockdown. The superpowers who have nuclear bombs, atom bombs, missiles, might have realized that because of their tyranny on the weaker nations, they are being punished by Allah the Almighty by a micro-organism. The Coronavirus is 30 times smaller than the human hair. They might have realized what is cruelty when they themselves are passing through it. The whole world is under lockdown, right from Whitehouse to a hut. Allah has sent such a calamity on the earth that there are thousands of deaths. The whole world is terrified and helpless just because of a micro-organism. As I told you, this is the army of Allah.

There is still time that people should repent and submit themselves to Allah the Almighty and seek His pardon.

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