Syed Vicaruddin – A Legendry personality of Hyderabad and warrior of Palestine Cause

His father late Syed Yousufuddin established Urdu newspaper “The Rahbar-e-Deccan” in 1921

S. M. Mohuiddin Habibi

By Dr. S. M. Mohuiddin Habibi, Ph.D

It is too difficult to encompass attributes of Late. Mr. Vicaruddin in an article of this kind as such it requires volumes to amalgamate his multidimensional virtues. How can we place him in one compartment, who possesses a multidimension great personality. A man who always stood by to promote peace, prosperity, progress, truth, justice, love, service, sacrifice, knowledge and freedom of thought. Besides, he may be remembered a man bearing nobility of the soul and purity of consciences with sublimity of heart.

Let me now be allowed to elaborately count his various achievements which confirm the foresaid praise for this great personality.

MS Education Academy

He was born on 30th April, 1942 in a very learned and top family of Hyderabad, his father Late. Mr. Syed Yousufuddin established the reputed Urdu newspaper namely, “The Rahbar-e-Deccan” in 1921, wayback a century ago. The popular and largely circulated daily for its truthfulness and yeoman service to the community of Hyderabad. However, after the Fall of Hyderabad in 17th Sep, 1948 occurred subsequently, Rahbar-e-Deccan was transformed in the same year with the title of Rahnuma-e-Deccan daily and published under the editorship of Mr. Manzoor Hasan.


Thereafter, when Mr. Vicaruddin returned to Hyderabad after brightly completion of his academic career at Muslim Aligarh University. He was crowned as the Chief Editor of the Rahnuma-e-Deccan and chairman of Indo-Arab League by his elder brother Late. Syed Lateefuddin. Both the brothers took the Rahnuma-e-Deccan to the pinnacle of Urdu journalism. Meanwhile, the Arab countries fighting against Israel met a conspicuous defeat and lost several areas of their countries. The Palestinian people were pushed to the wall severely and faced barbaric inhumen treatment by the Israel. The Western bank, Jerusalem (Bayt-al-Maqdis), stripe of Gaza, Senai desert and Golon heights were no more under the control of Arabs.

At this crucial juncture, His Excellency Yasser Arafat appeared on the horizon of Palestine liberation Moment as a roaring Tiger. Several UNO resolutions were given to green signals to reprimand Israel and its rigorous attitude towards Palestine. Israel was asked by the UNO to return the occupied areas of Arab countries. However, the State of Palestine came under the able leadership of Yasser Arafat on account of his devoted and sublime efforts of “Al-Fatah”. Mr. Vicaruddin was very instrumental to invite the very first delegation of “Al-Fatah” to Hyderabad at his residence in the year 1967. Now, the Indo-Arab League has taken the shape of a gigantic and premier organisation under the profound and brilliant leadership of Mr. Vicaruddin. As an N.G.O., and Non-Profit secular organisation with prime objective of finding the acceptable solution of Palestine problem and strengthening relationship of India with all Arab countries to achieve this just object of Palestine liberation. The closeness and the level of intimacy can be very well measured by two personal visit to Hyderabad of His Excellency Yasser Arafat. Mr. Arafat laid the foundation of Indo-Arab Complex at Banjara Hills. Whereas the foundation of Rahmat-e-Alam Mosque was executed by His Holiness Mr. Akrama Mufti-e-Azam of Palestine. It is very important and ideal that Mr. Vicaruddin turned the ambitious dream of Indo-Arab League Complex into reality. Now, one can witness his laudable endeavors in the shape of a gigantic and marvellous Indo-Arab Complex. Consisting of Lateefuddin Auditorium, research cum-library, and guest rooms for diplomats.

To acknowledge his committed and devotion he was awarded the highest honour of Palestine Government headed by H.E. Mahmood Abbas, the Star of Jerusalem which was personally presented in Hyderabad by his special advisor Mahmood-ul-Habash. Besides, he was awarded with Gold medal by His Majesty King Hasan of Morocco in the presidential auditorium of President of India, New Delhi. When Mr. Vicaruddin visited Palestine leading an official delegation in 2014, he was given the guard of honour by the Palestinian military and made special arraignment to visit the grave of Yasser Arafat. It may also be noted that on behalf of Indo-Arab League Mr. Vicaruddin given $2.5 Million Dollar to the Ambassador of Palestine H.E. Adil Shaban Sadiq for the welfare of Palestinian people. Besides, he was having friendly relationship with President Saddam Hussain and H.E. Omar Ahmed Al Basheer President of Sudan.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Mr. Vicaruddin organised hundreds of seminars and public meetings in Hyderabad. With an objective of popularising Palestine Liberation and Cause by inviting Presidents of India, Scores of Prime Ministers of India and Union Ministers and State Chief Ministers.

Hence, since last more than half century he made versatile, effective and result-oriented sincere efforts for the noble cause of Palestinian people and Liberation of the Bayt-al-Maqdis.

His sad demise on 10th Dec, 2021 is a great loss not only to the scribe world and to the Palestinian Liberation Cause. It is too difficult rather impossible to fill-up the vacuum created by his untimely death.

The Rumi, a great mystic poet rightly said:

“Isqh Ast Dar Asaman Paredan Sadparda Bahre Nafas Daridn” – This is Love: To Fly Heavenward, To Rend, Every Instant, A Hundred veils.

“Guftam-kay-gila Mubarak baad, Daar halque Ashiqan Rasidan” – Oh heart, I said, may it blessed thee. To have entered the circle of Lovers.

Dr. S. M. Mohuiddin Habibi, Ph.D (Sr. Executive Committee Member Indo-Arab League, Hyderabad)

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