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Syedna inaugurates Burhani Masjid

Syedna inaugurates Burhani Masjid

Hyderabad: Religious head of Dawoodi sect of the Muslims, Dr. Syedna Mufazzil  Saifuddin, inaugurated the Burhani Masjiod in Husaini Alam locality yesterday.

In his address, Dr. Syedna told that 52th Imam, Dr. Syedna Burhanuddin (late) had renovated Masjid-ul-Azam in Koofa which was constructed by the fourth caliph of Islam, Hazrat Ali (A.S). Under its blessings, Dr. Syedna Burhanuddin had taken interest in constructing this mosque. This mosque was originally constructed during the period of 51st  imam of the community, Syedna Tahir Saifuddin (late)

After inaugurating the 106 year old masjid, Syedna advised the members of Bohra community of the Musims to offer Namaz regularly.

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