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Syria: 4 killed, 7 injured in Israeli attack

Syria: 4 killed, 7 injured in Israeli attack

Damascus [Israel]: At least four civilians were killed and seven others suffered injuries in an Israeli attack in Damascus, claimed Syrian state media on Monday.

The Syrian military said that it had intercepted missile launched by an Israeli warplane, reported SANA news.

“Our air defences intercepted hostile missiles fired by Israeli warplanes from the Lebanese airspace towards some of our military positions in Homs and the surroundings of Damascus.”

In recent years, Israel has carried out 100 strikes in Syria alleging it of violating “red lines”.

Toward the start of the Syrian civil war, the Israeli military established a number of red lines, which if violated would result in a retaliatory strike, including any attacks, either intentional or otherwise, against Israel.

It also included Iranian efforts to establish a permanent military presence in Syria and attempts to transfer advanced ammunitions to the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist group.

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