artificial sweeteners

  • HealthLiver

    How artificial sweeteners impair liver’s ability to detoxify

    New York: Intake of zero-sugar food and beverages like yoghurt and diet soda may not be good for health as projected as they can impair your liver’s ability to flush out toxins,…

  • Health

    Study finds link between artificial sweeteners and cancer risk

    Washington: Artificial sweeteners reduce added sugar content and corresponding calories while maintaining sweetness. A new study suggests that some artificial sweeteners are associated with increased cancer risk. The findings of the study…

  • HealthHow artificial sweeteners can harm your gut

    How artificial sweeteners can harm your gut

    London: Commonly used artificial sweeteners can cause previously healthy gut bacteria to become diseased and invade the gut wall, potentially leading to serious health issues, according to a new research. The study,…

  • Health

    Here’s how artificial sweeteners increase appetite

    Washington: Researchers have revealed, for the first time, how artificial sweeteners can stimulate appetite. Billions of people worldwide consume artificial sweeteners and they are prescribed as a tool to treat obesity, despite…

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