• HealthHIV

    HIV drug could combat middle-aged memory loss: Study

    Washington: According to a new study at the University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences, our brains record a group store of memories, instead of single memories. So, recollecting one significant…

  • Sciencespace

    How extended space flights affect astronauts’ brains

    New York: Long-duration space flight can alter fluid-filled spaces along veins and arteries in the brain, according to new research. Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) imaged the brains of…

  • Lifestyle

    Study suggests older people in good shape have fitter brains

    Washington: According to the findings of a recent study, seventy- to eighty-year-olds who train for better fitness are better at solving cognitive tasks and are less likely to suffer cognitive impairment. “Our…

  • Health

    Artificial brains may need sleep too: Study

    Washington: No one can say whether androids will dream of electric sheep, but they will almost certainly need periods of rest that offer benefits similar to those that sleep provides to living…

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