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    Here’s why men should train harder, for less time

    Washington: A new study, published in Experimental Physiology by researchers from the University of Glasgow, has highlighted several of the positive health effects of short duration, high-intensity resistance exercise training programme in…

  • Islamic Hub

    Rights of women in Islam are based on equity not equality

    Usually, non-Muslims express their doubts about the rights of women in Islam. They feel that women in Islam are given the second position. In this video, Dr Israr Ahmed has very beautifully…

  • Crime and Accident

    Delhi: Two men suffocate to death

    New Delhi: Two persons were found suffocated to death on Thursday morning after they left a clay oven (tandoor) burning overnight in their room here, police said. The deceased, identified as Ranjit…

  • Health

    Extreme distress increases risk for dementia: Study

    London: Men and women who are distressed in midlife could be at higher risk of developing dementia in their old age, suggests a new study. The study showed that vital exhaustion, which…

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    Women less sensitive to pain than men: Study

    Toronto: Women tend to forget pain that they suffered more quickly than men, confirmed a new study in mice and humans, challenging the widely held belief that the fairer sex are more…

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    How to pick warmest workwear trends this winter

    New Delhi:Indian men are excruciatingly conservative with a colour palette that usually spans from blue to black. How about making an exception this winter season with some smart choices? After looking at…

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