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Teachers caught sending students to get slippers repaired

Teachers caught sending students to get slippers repaired

Ayodhya: A teacher in Ayodhya’s Khajurahat government primary school has been suspended and a ‘Shiksha Mitra’ (ad hoc) in the same school has been terminated for sending school children to get her slippers repaired.

A video clip in which three children were seen with a bag, were confronted by the reporter of a local channel who asked them why they were not in school.

The children said that the Shiksha Mitra Rajni Gupta had sent them to get her slippers repaired.

Basic Education Officer Santosh Dev Pandey was shown the clip after which he terminated the services of Rajni Gupta and suspended the teacher Reena Gupta. An inquiry has also been instituted into the incident.

“Children come to school to study and action will be taken firmly if any staff member makes them do any other work,” he said.

There have been several instances where children in government schools are made to sweep the floors, clean toilets and even wash utensils used in midday meals.

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