Telangana: Now even govt schools display ‘admissions closed’ board

Hyderabad:  It seems that the government of Telangana’s efforts to improve infrastructure in Government schools are bearing fruits as the number of students taking admissions in these schools are growing.

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“Admissions closed” board has to be displayed at a government primary school in Karkhanagadda town of Karimnagar district. It is said that there is a rush of parents seeking admissions for their children and the school authorities have to display the board after giving admissions to a substantial number of students.

It is reported that the headmaster and teachers of the schools are constantly getting phone calls from the parents seeking admissions to their children.  In some cases these parents are bringing recommendation letters from political leaders and local corporaters.

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Earlier the strength of this school was 150 students and after the new admissions the strength has reached up to 360.  The number of students in 4th and 5th standard reach 90 students each whereas in 10th standard 60 students were given admissions.   The school is forced to display an admissions closed board.

Till now it was the norm for the corporate and convent schools to display admissions close boards.  This is the first time such a board has been displayed by a government school which is the result of government’s efforts to improve the schools’ infrastructure.

Now parents are trying to get admission for their children in government schools instead of private and convent ones.

According to the Department of Education officials this situation is the result of  introducing English medium education in Government schools.

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