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Telugu speaking states got divided on the issue of water: BJP

Telugu speaking states got divided on the issue of water: BJP

Hyderabad: The BJP today questioned the TRS leader KCR  whether he was the Chief Minister for both the States of Andhra and Telangana.

Reacting to the statement issued by the Chief Minister KCR that he wants to rewrite history by diverting Godavari waters to Krishna and that he would help Andhra develop Mr.G Ramakrishna Reddy  BJP State Vice President  and  Mr. N.V. Subhash  BJP Official spokesperson and senior leader wondered whether KCR was the Chief Minister for both the States of Telangana and Andhra following his comments  .

Asking him to concentrate on Telangana which has several issues Mr. Ramakrishna spoke about the Yellampalli project. He said that both the Telugu speaking States got divided on the issue of water KCR had no love for Andhrites and spoke about Telugu pride but now KCR wants to develop both the State perhaps he wants to become the Chief Minister of both the State they questioned.

Mr. Ramakrishna pointed out that even after rains there is no inflow in Kalleshwaram KCR wanted to have lift irrigation but even after rains there is no water in the reservoir. They alleged that the Chief Minister had spent more than 80000 crores and wondered of what use was the same.

Questioning the Chief Minister whether he wanted Rathnalaseema or wanted to become Chief Minister of both states he should clarify.

Mr. N.V. Subhash Reacting to Mallu Reddy’s statement that Dr. Laxman had become mentally unstable as he was always talking against Congress and that TRS and BJP are hands in glove. Mr. Subhash strongly condemned the statement and said that BJP has nothing to do with Either TRS or Congress It is not even the tail party to someone nor has any tail party.

Congress may be a national Party but it is a tail party for TDP in recently concluded elections where it was amply clear. It has been 70 days since Congress is leaderless and still searching for ahead for their party. Since it has become a headless Party it is better to concentrate and mind their own business. Congress has not only lost 17 to 20 seats pathetically but in many places, it did not even get 50 percent vote share. He pointed out that in next elections it will lose its deposits as BJP’S credibility is going up and that can be gauged from the fact that its membership drive is super duper success People from different political parties are joining the BJP. Hence such statements against the Party President Dr, laxman is uncalled for and such statements are unacceptable Mr. Subhash added.

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