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Temporarily Isolate the old to shun coronavirus, Benett

Temporarily Isolate the old to shun coronavirus, Benett

Telaviv: Naftali Benett, the Defence Minister of Israel while addressing the people on a TV channel advises to temporarily isolate the older people from the younger ones especially small children. He says older people, as they have weaker immunity are more prone to be affected by the coronavirus. He suggests to take care of older people but from a distance.

He says, “Bring them food, clean the box before you leave, and when they take it in to their house, [you] do not enter the house, do not hug them because you are risking them.”

He gives example that there are countries where no young people have died and there are also places where one out of seven people has been affected because they are aged 80 and above.

He further adds that this practice of isolation may take two to three months or more. By the time the virus reaches 70% of the population, they will get immune. Once the epidemic is over, everyone can come together.

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