The fear of death is reality: Covid-19 patient Dr Mohiuddin

Riyadh: Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin, who is working as an Anesthesiologist in a reputed hospital in Riyadh, was infected with Covid-19. He wanted to share his experience with the viewers of video series prepared by Siasat News and Faiz-e-Aam Trust.


He says that initially, he felt itching in his throat, a little cough and mild temperature. He went to the hospital where he works. They gave him some medicine and he returned home. Next day, he went to the hospital again where some laboratory tests were performed. After three days, he received the report for Covid-19 positive.

Dr. Ahmed did not panic, but was ready to fight with the virus. He again went to the hospital, they give him medicines and advised him to quarantine himself at home and pacified him that he will recover very soon.

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But, Dr. Ahmed says this is not the case with everybody. At night, he was feeling uncomfortable, he felt suffocated due to breathing problem. He opened the window of his bedroom, took his head out and tried to breathe -but still he couldn’t. So, he went to hospital again and took some treatment and returned. But, after two days, his condition deteriorated during the day time — his temperature shot up and it was difficult for him to breathe. He thought he must get admitted at the hospital.

As he works in a big hospital, he got admitted very easily and received the best available treatment and care — he got recuperated.

He says, his motive of making the video is not to inform this, it is something else. He further adds that we all have sufficient knowledge about the virus infection and some of us are facing it too. He actually wants to shed light on the social aspect of this disease. When he was preparing to leave his home for the hospital to get admitted, he says he did not have even five minutes on his hand to prepare a suitcase and put all important documents in it and write the name of the person to whom he wanted it to be delivered. With much difficulty, he managed to collect those documents and put them in the suitcase and wrote the name of the receiver on it. Then he called a known person and requested him to call the receiver and handover the suitcase to him.

Fear of death is real: Dr. Ahmed

‘The fear of death is real’ says Dr Ahmed.
He says we might have listened to the song:
‘zindagi to bewafa hai ek din thukrae gi, maut mehbooba hai apne saath le jayegi’. (Life is unfaithful, one day it will abandon us, death is faithful it will take us with her) You may have forgotten this song but this is reality.
He says, if you go to a hospital after getting infected with this disease, there is a chance and you may not come back — this is a real possibility. So if you love someone, tell them today that you love them; if you have enmity with someone, forgive them. Tell them, “there is no certainty of life, I forgive you”.

If you have concealed your money or property papers, if you owe any money to someone or someone owes you money; inform all these to your loved or dear ones. Inform all your life’s accounts to your family or friends. If you haven’t met or talked to your parents or family, or want to help someone in need, now is the time to do so. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so do not leave any regrets behind. Most importantly, create a will now. You don’t need a lawyer or court to do so. Now is the right time to distribute your wealth properly through your will. Again, time is not guaranteed. It may be taken away from us anytime.

Praise be to God if you are alive. But fear of death is the reality. Dr. Mohiuddin really wishes that everyone stays safe and healthy. But he says, believing that life is forever or Covid won’t affect us, is unreasonable. Where this virus is hiding and when it will ambush us this nobody knows. So, it is better to confess your love towards your family and distribute your wealth.

Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin declares that his condition is improving due to everyone’s prayers and that he will soon be at home with the will of God. He prays that everyone stays in a state of good health and happiness and urges everyone to take care of themselves.

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