The Revival of the Ottoman Caliphate 2023

According to noted International Islamic Scholar, Kuwait based Geopolitical Analyst & Author Dr.Arshad Mohsin, writes in a message carried by Huda Islamic Digest says ” To many naysayers, it may look like a pipe dream, but to the serious observers of the affairs of the Muslim Ummah; revived Ottoman Caliphate is the only idea that seems to broker lasting peace in a chaotic world largely hijacked by the western fascist capitalists. The rapidly changing alliance of Muslim Nations mostly gravitating towards an assertive Turkey is a prelude to the past Lausanne World when Turks will have reinstated their lost Islamic glory.

Islamic Digest “HUDA” Known for its academic & Journalistic services to the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent for decades is rolling out a ” Caliphate 2023 ” issue wishing a grand success.

Contents of the Special Issue of Huda Islamic Digest March 2021, New Delhi ” Qayaam e Khilafat wa Islami Hukumat “

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  1. Interview with Ameer e Tanzeem Pakistan Janab Shujauddin Shaikh on When, How & Where Caliphate to commence & role of Indian Muslims?
  2. What is Islamic rule ?
  3. What is Islamic state ?
  4. Face of Islam ?
  5. Caliphate : Islams system of government.
  6. Principles of Rule
  7. Khalifa The Caliph
  8. State of Caliphate is not a spiritual state
  9. Individual leads in Islam
  10. Associates of Caliph
  11. Ameer e Jihaad
  12. Army
  13. Wali the Governors appointed by Caliph
  14. Qaza the Courts
  15. Administrative Institutions
  16. Majlis e Shoora – The Parliament
    Besides this dozens of other facets of the government under the system of Caliphate (Khilafat) .

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Place of Publication New Delhi. Urdu monthly Huda Islamic Digest is in its 54th year of continual publication from New Delhi.
(Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui Editor-Publisher is the Son & Grandson of founder editors Maulana Ahmed Mustafa Siddiqui Rahi (Rh) & Maulana Abdul Waheed Siddiqui (Rh) the founders of Muslim Independent Journalism in post-partition India.)

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