The threat of Fascism in Corona Epidemic

New Delhi: Fascism is known as the naked terrorist dictatorship of corporate political governance. This stream glorifies race and nation and represents blind nationalism which rests on a wide emotional appeal in public. These nurture the corporate economy and devastate the economy of small producers. The point is that today’s era of the Corona epidemic has prepared a strong ground for the fascist thinking to thrive.

Era of Hitler, Mussolini

The word fascism reminds us the era of Hitler and Mussolini. Today, most countries, including India, are going into the grip of fascism.

The whole world has been going through the crisis of corona epidemic for 6 consecutive months and even at such a time, the talk of turning the disaster into an opportunity is being spoken out loudly by the Government of India, although the disaster is being a tragedy for the majority of the people. Whereas for a few private corporate, this disaster is definitely an opportunity.

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14 traits of fascism

Dr. Lawrence Brit is a political scientist, who has studied fascist regimes and has identified 14 traits of fascism that can easily explain the character of fascism,

  1. Powerful and Sustainable Nationalism
  2. Disdain for recognition of human rights
  3. Promote religious hysteria
  4. Military Dominance
  5. Strong gender discrimination
  6. Controlled Mass Media
  7. Passion of National Security
  8. Unholy alliance of religion and government
  9. Conserving Corporate Power
  10. Labor power is suppressed.
  11. Disdain for intellectuals and art
  12. Passion for crime and punishment
  13. Fierce nepotism and corruption
  14. Elections are just frauds.

The characterization of the analyzed fascism described by Dr. Lawrence Brit can be seen and understood in India. It is unfortunate that the Corona epidemic has been deemed by the ruling party as a weapon to fulfill its fascist agenda. It is dangerous for society and healthy democracy.

History is witness that during and after such tragedy, there is a possibility of major political economic and social change in the country. As a result of the Spanish flu that came in 1918, the Indian people stood unitedly against the British rule, but the current situation is changing the future of the country and the fascist thinking is spreading in the society.

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