Things you wouldn’t believe about these countries

Earth has 196 countries as of this writing. So while you may consider yourself to be a knowledgeable global citizen, and were sure you are, given the dynamic and complex nature of our planet there are certain to be at least a couple facts on this list that you will find surprising.

Most overweight population – Nauru

Nauru: Has the unhealthiest population in the world 95% of people in this country are overweight. Its obesity epidemic is mainly attributed to the importation of Western fast food that coincided with an improved standard of living in the 20th century due to their global popularity of its phosphate exports.

Falkland Island: 350 sheep for every person
The population of Falkland Island is little less than 3000 people but it has at least half a million of Sheep. So it makes it around 350 sheep for every person on the island not surprisingly it is a major exporter of wool.

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Most lakes in the world—Canada

Canada: Has the most amount of lakes for any country in the world. It actually has over 3 million lakes. 9% of its territory is actually freshwater and 60% of the lakes in the world are actually found in Canada.
Land with no rivers—Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has no rivers. For a country as big as Saudi Arabia there has to be at least some sort of flowing water well there isn’t, to be honest. They get their freshwater comes from desalination plants or underground reservoirs.

Most diverse Country—India

India: One of the most important slogans you will hear in India is ‘unity in diversity’ no doubt it is possibly the most diverse nation in the world
Culturally, economically, climatically, racially, linguistically, ethnically, and religiously India is more diverse than any other country. Even in terms of food, it is extremely diverse every state has its own unique preparations.

Most of its citizens live abroad—Malta

Valletta, Malta: skyline from Marsans Harbour at sunset. The cathedral

Malta: Is a country with most of its citizens living abroad. This European county suffered from a rough economy for a few years. The situation became so bad the most of the people decided to shift base
The country mostly covered with forest—Suriname
The South American nation is almost entirely covered by forest. With 91% of its land covered in jungle, Suriname’s half a million residents live primarily along the coast near the capital.
Only counted a few live in the inland of this country.

Largest country with no farms—Singapore

Singapore: There are extremely small nations with no hint of an agricultural economy but a country of the size of Singapore is expected to have few farms.
But almost this entire country is urban with no dependency on agricultural whatsoever. It is the largest country in the world with no farms.

Most literate people—Canada

A panoramic view of downtown Edmonton in the summer

Canada: With 50% of its population educated at the post-secondary level, it seems quite unlikely that any other country will pass Canada in this. It is followed by Israel at 45% and Japan at 44%.

Least Peaceful nation in the world—Somali

Somali: Is regularly in news and never for any good reason.
Although Iraq was the country to hold this title for almost two consecutive years but its Somali this year!
Political instability, civil wars, corruption are a few reasons behind Somali’s current condition.

Most people behind bars—USA

USA: Now here is a title that the USA wouldn’t want to associate with. With 2.2 million people behind bars, the USA doesn’t seem to be losing this one anytime soon. This numbers also tell you about the overall safety in the country.
China comes in second place at 1.5 million and Russia comes third at 870,000.

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