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Train-theme based restaurant gaining popularity in Hyderabad

Train-theme based restaurant gaining popularity in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A multi-cuisine family restaurant ‘Platform 65’, based on a train theme is gaining popularity in Hyderabad as it is a replica of a train — a miniature locomotive model made in Germany — which serves delicacies to the customers.

Sarvesh, the restaurant’s owner, told ANI, “With a thought of bringing something new to Hyderabad, we have started this restaurant. It is a unique theme for the customers.”

Srikanth, General Manager of Platform 65, said, “The name (of the restaurant) is based on a train theme. We prepare food in the kitchen and then place it on a small train, which comes out of the kitchen and goes straight to the table.”

“This restaurant particularly has the highest number of trains in any restaurant and the longest rail track in India. The concept is borrowed from Germany,” he added.

A customer named Kunal narrated his experience.

“Regular restaurants bring the food but this restaurant serves food on a train. It is cool as it can go by itself. I also liked the food as well,” he said.

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