Tribe in Papua New Guinea accepts Islam

United Kingdom: Abdurraheem Green is a presenter on Peace TV and is the chairman of the Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA). He is famous for his Dawah (propagation of Islam) work.

Green visited Papua New Guinea with his team for Dawah. As he wanted to visit the tribal area in a remote village he painted his face with different colours as tribal do. He also made a video of his trip.

Green thought it would be a dangerous task to face the tribe. It can be seen in the video that some of the tribal people were carrying axes and spears. But to his surprise, he and his team were welcomed in that small village.

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With the chief’s permission, the team started sharing message on Islam with the entire tribe. 

They explained the tribe that there is no god but Allah and He alone is worthy of worship. The tribal people seemed to be Christians. So they explained them that the name of Jesus is there in the Qur’an and a whole chapter is devouted to the mother of Jesus, Mary (Mariam).

After conveying the message, the team asked the tribe if anybody was ready to accept Islam. The tribal people, instead of raising their hands for shahada remained silent. They expressed their frustrations and started questioning on the message. The team continued to clarify their questions. They answered their questions and explained to them more about the similarities between Islam and Christianity. They prayed salah (Islamic prayer) in front of them.

As they were about to leave the village, people began surrounding their car as if they want to say something. They recited the kalima and embraced Islam.

Papua New Guinea is in the southwestern Pacific. It is a country of immense cultural and biological diversity, it’s known for its beaches and coral reefs. Inland are active volcanoes, granite and dense forests. There are also traditional tribal villages, many with their own languages. Port Moresby is its capital.

By Waris Ali Khan

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