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Udit Raj wants reservation for Bahujan Samaj in higher judiciary

Udit Raj wants reservation for Bahujan Samaj in higher judiciary

New Delhi: Today A large number of SC/ST/OBC assembled at Jantar Mantar to protest the stand of BJP Govt. Uttrakhand. This was organised by All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisation led by Dr. Udit Raj. The Uttrakhand Govt. argued in the Supreme Court that the reservation provision in article 16(4) and 16 (4A) are not constitutional right. This show mentality of BJP and RSS. Wherever BJP is in Govt. their first priority is to dilute reservation. Dalits gave a call of Bharat bandh on 2th April, 2018 and they were badly beaten up and tortured not only by the Govt. Missionary but RSS and BJP and BJP workers also attacked that’s why SC/ST protested for saving the reservation and examples are well known to everyone from MP, Rajasthan and UP. Ever since Modi Govt. Came into power at the center, reservation is being eroded by various methods like privatization, disinvestment, outsorcing and contractual. Mohan Bhagawat and already his intentions during election in Bihar assembly that there is a need to review the reservation. After the debacle in election, he retracted and other methodologies like privatization house sourcing etc. were followed to kill the reservation silently.

Dr. Udit Raj Said that the collegiums system in the supreme court is an unconstitutional. The framers of constitution never envasased that a day will come the higher judiciary will become independent of constitution and parliament and would not be accountable to anyone. Whenever an advocate is recommended for judgeship, he doesn’t appear in examination, nor he is interviewed and nor his past credential are checked. When these judges do not come through merit, how are they competent to judge others. The appointment of judges is done by so called upper caste are ruling the roost. Judges fial to perform other duties but do harm religiously to reservation. The SC/ST/OBC will never get justice in the communities will ensure the justice.

Dr. Udit Raj appeal to bahujan samaj to unite themselves for reservation in higher judiciary. The way other issues like water, electricity and waiver of loans etc. Are the centre of political activities, the reservation of higher judiciary should also become core agenda of politics. The All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisation (Parisangh) welcomed Indian National congress and expects from party like RJD and SP to take up this cudgel. The higher judiciary had become now Brahmin palika and janehu palika and nowhere in the word judges make judges. Today protest is symbolic and if our demands are not met, we’ll launch country wide hesitation

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