Urban bio-diversity wing of GHMC develops Indira Park

Hyderabad: Indira Park, located at lower tank bund has been developed with a walking track and ‘Panchatatva Park’ in it by the Urban Bio-diversity wing of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). 

GHMC Mayor Bonthu Rammohan informed that the walking track is ready for inauguration. Soon Panchatatva parks will be developed in all zones of GHMC and also in other corporations and municipalities. 

Panchatatva Park with an Accupressure Concept Based walkway is developed based on the five elements of the nature (Panchabhutas) which are Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal ; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether or Akasha.

Each of these five elements has its own character and celestial elements.  

The Panchatatva walk is a circular track developed using eight components to walk over this track. The eight components include a 20mm stone, 10mm stone, six mm chips, river stone, rough sand, tree bark, black soil (tank silt) and water.   

The walking will be done from a very hard paining surface to smooth and relaxing component by which the blood circulation in the body improves curing several ailments of the body. This also helps the senior citizens and the persons who have knee joint pains and cannot walk for longer distances. 

There is a proposal to designed with an inner circle of radius at least five metres or more with a walking track around the circle with width 1.5 metres or more. The walkway is constructed with nine-inch high bricks and the curbing on both sides of the track as shown in the picture enclosed. The track is divided into eight equal parts and is filled with the components as mentioned above. The inner circle (encircled by walking track) is divided in to nine segments and the plants corresponding to Navagrahas are planted along with varieties of herbal plants in the boxes. People will feel and believe as they are doing Parikramas around the Navagrahas. The walking should be done on barefoot only. Further around the track, the plants related to Zodiac signs and Nakshatras are also placed as per the availability of the space.  

In addition, a sculpture of Gouthama Budha will be will placed in the centre and a water cascade to create pleasant sounds and a peaceful environment in the area. Around the area, seating is also provided.  

This Panchatatva track can be done in any area, open space, tree park or existing park. The rest of the area can be planted either with trees, shrubs or herbal plants can be converted into a park or tree park if done in an open space.

Apart from this, Infinity 8 shaped tracks with fixed measurements and direction are also developed which are known to be helpful in minimizing the diabetics. In this area varieties of medicinal and herbal plants which are in regular use at homestead are planted for educating the people. 

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The Panchatatatva parks are completed in Indira park, Krishna Kant park and Kakatiya Nagar Park are ready for inauguration. Similar parks are in progress in all zones and will be completed by July. 

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